Origin DOWN and EA Servers UPDATE as Madden and Battlefront 2 go offline

Origin PC services remain down tonight as fans look to get back online using EA Servers.

The latest news from the games provider confirms that they have teams looking into the issues, which have taken a lot of titles offline.

Core services for Madden NFL and Star Wars Battlefront 2 remain affected tonight, among others like Apex Legends and FIFA 19.

The latest from EA Help services reads: “Our network teams are working on getting everything restored and are having to run through restarting some systems.

“We will post more updates on progress as soon as we have them.”

Followed by this update: “Our teams continue to investigate the problems with connectivity. We do not have a current timeframe for a fix at the moment. Thanks for sticking with us while we work through this.”

As stated above, it’s currently unclear just how long EA servers will be offline for, with reports still coming in of big issues.

“After constantly getting Error code 2593 and not being able to play anyways, not being able to connect at all ain’t much of a surprise,” one user reports.

Another adds: “I only play Apex Legends and EA Sports games .. My one day off and the weather is terrible. EA you owe me.”

The good news is that reports are dropping regarding server issues, meaning some of tonight’s problems may be resolved within the next hour.

However, until EA offer a timeframe for how long these issues might take to fix, fans will need to keep checking their favourite games for connectivity and keeping an eye on the EA Help social media feeds.


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