Original Kratos Voice Actor Talks About Why He Wasn’t In God Of War (2018)

The former voice actor of Kratos, TC Carson, has revealed why he wasn’t cast in the God of War (2018) reboot.

TC Carson is known as the original voice of Kratos. From the franchise’s introduction back in 2005, all the way up to God of War: Ascension in 2013, TC Carson voiced the murderous God of War through over half a dozen games. However, Kratos was recast for God of War (2018), with developer Santa Monica Studio favoring the current voice actor of Kratos, Christopher Judge.

In an interview with YouTube channel djvlad, TC Carson reveals why Kratos was recast, and why he hung up the Blades of Chaos for good. He explains that before the reboot in 2018, two actors were used instead of just one, with TC Carson providing the voice and another actor doing mocap. Sony wanted to streamline the process, but TC Carson wasn’t able to perform in mocap due to his size and Christopher Judge had a stature better suited to play Kratos.

What’s a little more interesting is TC Carson also reveals the way he was recast was less than courteous on Sony’s part. He goes on to explain that he realizes that actors lose jobs all the time, but considers it respectful for employers to notify actors when their services are no longer needed. According to TC Carson, he “never got a call like that”.

It doesn’t sound like there’s much bad blood between Carson and Sony, but it paints the publisher as quite callous. Dropping such a big voice actor with years of service for Sony without a word of warning from any of the higher-ups feels disrespectful.

In the end, Christopher Judge ended up being a massive hit in God of War (2018). Judge was already so well-loved and integrated within the God of War universe that all it took was the actor to say “read it boy” at The Game Awards in that deep booming voice we all recognize to send the audience into hysterics.

Hopefully, when Christopher Judge’s time with Kratos comes to an end, Sony at least sends him a thank you card or something.

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