Oscar Isaac Seems To Confirm Moon Knight Season 2 On TikTok

A lot of the MCU's future was revealed during Marvel's jam-packed panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but there were a few notable omissions. One of those omissions was Moon Knight as the hero's future remains in limbo. However, Oscar Isaac and the show's director Mohamed Diab may have just confirmed from a boat in Cairo that the show will be getting at least one more season.

Moon Knight season two hype began with a TikTok from hayaattiaaa (via Gizmodo). That clip has since been shared by Diab on Twitter with the caption “Moon Knight season 2?” from the director and has been viewed almost two million times in 14 hours. Perhaps the proof Disney and Marvel needed to show there is a lot of interest in Moon Knight's story continuing.

Isaac and Diab are on a boat in Cairo, the backdrop for a large chunk of Moon Knight's first season. When asked about the potential of a second season in the clip, Diab remains silent, but Isaac rhetorically asks “why else would we be in Cairo?” Diab is Egyptian and has been outspoken about the way the nation has been depicted by Hollywood in the past, highlighting Wonder Woman 1984 as an example that didn't represent the country accurately.

As for the future of Moon Knight, stop reading now if you're yet to finish the Disney+ series as there are some major spoilers dead ahead. Even though there has been no talk of a season two until now, the door was most definitely left open. Despite Khonshu relieving Marc and Steven from his service, the credits scene revealed Isaac's third, seemingly far more unpredictable personality Jake Lockley is now in play.

If there is going to be a second season, it will likely be a while before it hits Disney+. As touched upon above, Marvel revealed a number of movies and shows at SDCC, mapping the end of phase four, most of phase five, and even the beginning of phase six. There are plenty of gaps throughout though, and it's also possible we see Moon Knight show up elsewhere even though there was no hint of how the show's story connects to the wider MCU.

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