Outriders Giving Away Free Legendary Weapons To All Players

To say Outriders had a rocky launch is an understatement. Constant server issues made connecting to the always-online game a chore, but fans are finally being rewarded for their patience. People Can Fly today announced the “Outriders Appreciation Package,” giving all players a random Legendary Weapon, a new emote, and a bunch of extra Titanium.

As of today, your most experienced character will have a bunch of new gear in their inventory. Here’s what you can expect to see when you load up Outriders:

  • A random, god-rolled Legendary that you have not yet obtained.
  • Extra Titanium based on your character’s level.
  • The new “Frustration” emote.

To go along with the Appreciation Package, Outriders also received a server-side rebalance, fixing a few lingering issues and buffing some underpowered Armor and Player Skills. Here are the highlights of the latest Outriders update:

  • Health available on Armor pieces has been increased – it’s now possible to double character health using high-value gear.
  • Devastator Reflect Bullets damage increased by 250% and Impale now grants 50% more HP Regen.
  • Pyromancer F.A.S.E.R Beam damage buffed by 100%
  • Technomancer Tool oof Destruction damage increased by 66% and Falloff reduced by 50%
  • Trickster Aggressive Teleportation mod damage increased by 111%

People Can Fly said another patch should arrive next week, although a firm confirmation won’t be announced for a couple more days.

If you’re yet to play Outriders, you can check it out on Xbox Game Pass – which may have had something to do with its early success.

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