Over 75 Million Foxes Have Been Pet In Ghost Of Tsushima

It's been two years since you became the Ghost and liberated Tsushima from the clutches of Khotun Khan and his Mongol horde. Two years since Sucker Punch revealed a combat system that truly made you feel like a samurai, and two years since you pet every fox you came across, no matter the situation.

In fact, to commemorate this anniversary, the studio has revealed exactly how many foxes players have pet since Ghost of Tsushima launched – along with some other, less important statistics. "This weekend marks two years since the release of #GhostOfTsushima," said a tweet by Sucker Punch Productions. "We are blown away by all of the support since then and so grateful for all of you! Thank you to everyone who has played and shared this journey with us!"

Via a set of gorgeous infographics, the studio has revealed that over the last two years, almost 10 million copies have been sold – 9.73 million to be precise. 91.4 million missions have been played in Legends Mode, the highly underrated multiplayer mode. 998.5 million Standoffs and 40.8 million Duels have taken place, while players have visited 94.76 million hot springs and have spent 6437.4 years on horseback. Considering how beautiful the game looks, over 78 million photos have been taken as well. But, here's the stat we really care about – 75.18 million foxes have been pet.

Not only were these good-boy messengers of the Gods adorable, but they would also lead you to Inari Shrines to level up your Resolve, allowing you to chop down more Mongols. There's even a side mission where Jin must avenge foxes slain by the Mongols. Surely, most players flew into a rage when they came upon the culprits.

As for Sucker Punch's next project, the studio has clarified that there are currently no plans to revive the Sly Cooper or Infamous series at the moment. If we were to guess, the studio could be working on a follow up to Ghost of Tsushima – last month, we reported that Sucker Punch put out a job listing for combat and mission designers for an unannounced open-world stealth game.

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