Overwatch 2 Fans Discuss Their Least Favorite Bits Of Lore

Despite being a primarily multiplayer title (despite the wishes of fans), the Overwatch series has a surprising amount of lore surrounding its entire cast of characters. From the outside, the game looks like a standard hero shooter, but those who are more familiar with Overwatch know that each character has a detailed backstory and sometimes complex relationships with other characters that can be pieced together through in-game dialogue.

With all those characters, there are bound to be two or three that Blizzard has slipped up with over the years though, and Overwatch fans have been sharing their grievances with some parts of the game's overall lore. For example, u/Xion194 kicks things off on the Overwatch subreddit by explaining that they think the manner in which Hanzo "kills" his brother Genji makes no sense, as he takes him out in a much more brutal fashion than someone being forced to kill their brother would probably do.

Another user called u/apolsen takes issue with the game's worldbuilding rather than a specific character, as they question why Germany seems to have reverted back to the medieval ages despite the world's advancements in technology and warfare, likely in reference to the map Eichenwalde. I guess the country eventually decided on the tried and tested method of "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

We then have a couple of fans who wish certain characters received a little more lore than they actually have at the moment. Sigma is one such individual, who u/amr_jkl believes should have been fleshed out a little more considering he's a scientist than can create black holes on command. Another user wishes that Blizzard would bring back Soldier 76's love interest, while u/pituparty wishes Lucio had some more lore outisde of his brief cereal box appearance.

While it would be nice if Blizzard expanded on certain characters in the future – perhaps with that promised PvE mode – it doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon. Overwatch's social media accounts would rather have you look at Ramattra's toenails at the moment, which some out there probably prefer.

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