Overwatch 2 Glitch Is Teleporting Kiriko All Over The Map

It feels like it's been a while since we were flooded with instances of glitches in Overwatch 2 shortly after the sequel launched. Enter this newly discovered issue which is causing Kiriko to teleport to random, usually very unhelpful, parts of the map, mostly at times when she is urgently needed elsewhere.

Reported by PCGamesN, this problem doesn't appear to be a new one, but one that has been made worse by an increased use of Echo. Prior to that, there had been a handful of times when players experienced Kiriko's random teleport. Caused by Kiriko's Swift Step ability, but only when it's used to teleport the hero to someone else on the map at the exact moment they're switching characters.

There's a slim chance of that happening, but a chance that has been upped a significant amount when you add Echo to the mix. The issue arises when Echo uses her Ultimate, Duplicate. If a player attempts to use Swift Step either at the start of Echo's Duplicate or when it comes to an end, then the aforementioned random teleportation effect happens. Very unhelpful, particularly when it's this somewhat frequent combination.

You can see a particularly annoying example of the glitch happening above. Not only does the player get randomly teleported elsewhere, but in this instance, Kiriko is thrown out of the map entirely, resulting in the hero glitching through it and dying. The Echo/Kiriko combo is problematic since the former will likely use Duplicate when they are low on health, probably at the same time Kiriko decides to Swift Step to their location to help out.

Although there haven't been as many glitches to speak of in season two, Overwatch 2 hasn't been completely free of controversy lately. The game's matchmaking is once again being criticized as gold players have been getting paired with competitors in the top 500. It has also been revealed the Battle of Olympus challenges will take you two weeks of grinding to complete.

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