Overwatch 2 Livestream Showing Off PvP Gameplay and New Maps Coming Later This Month

Blizzard has announced that it will be broadcasting a live stream showing off some of Overwatch 2’s PvP gameplay.

This news comes from the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel which uploaded a Developer Update video detailing some of the things to expect from the live stream. In the video, Lead Level Designer Aaron Keller announces that the live stream will take place in just over a week’s time on May 20th where the Overwatch and Overwatch League’s teams will talk more about “the PvP side of the game.”

Keller then goes on to announce that he’ll be joined by Lead Designer Geoff Goodman, Associate Art Director Dion Rodgers, and others as they play through some new maps and talk about some of the decisions behind the changes coming to Overwatch 2’s PvP gameplay. He also goes on to temper expectations and explains that everything shown in the live stream is currently a work in progress.

As an added bonus, Blizzard will also be hosting a developer AMA on the Overwatch subreddit on May 24th where a bunch of developers will be talking about the past five years of Overwatch development and answering some of your burning questions. Keller then rounds out the video by explaining that there’s more news to come later in the year and that Blizzard is “dedicated to sharing more information on the development of Overwatch 2.”

Overwatch 2 was officially announced during BlizzCon at the back end of 2019, but all you Overwatch fanatics out there will likely be aware that Overwatch 2 still does not have a release date just yet. Unfortunately, it’s looking like you’ll need to wait until at least 2022 before we see the highly anticipated sequel hit store shelves.

Blizzard announced during a recent earnings call that the company doesn’t expect to release Overwatch 2 this year, but stressed that development is on track and that the developer reached a big internal milestone in December last year. The publisher also ensured that the game will be the best it can when it’s released.

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