Overwatch 2 Players Already Want A Sojourn Rework

Sojourn has only been in Overwatch since the launch of the sequel in October, and players have already had enough of her. That's at least according to a thread discussing possible Hero reworks, with Sojourn appearing to be one of the most popular requests.

The issues stem from her incredible mobility, making it easy for her to burst into enemy backlines, deal a whole lot of damage, and then escape in a way that poses little danger to herself. Some players argue that her Power Slide is therefore too powerful, making her too low-risk for a Hero that deals as much damage as she can in the right hands.

"What is one character you wish was either completely reworked or removed [from] the game?" asks Reddit user sevenbiscuit7. "Mine is probably Sojourn."

Despite the thread encouraging fans to share their thoughts on any possible reworks, many voice their agreement that Sojourn needs some severe nerfs.

"I agree on Sojourn," says deci1997. "The higher in rank you climb, the more insane she gets. The nerfs didn't do much because with a mercy pocket she can still destroy everyone."

User Interesting_Autofill actually has an idea as to how the devs can nerf Sojourn's mobility. "I think they should rework her slide ability and have it feel more like she's building up for larger jumps. Like a charge meter on her slide, and the longer she slides the bigger the jump at the end."

Lickleboy22, a Sojourn player, thinks that her damage could be nerfed further instead. "Removing the ability to headshot with rail would basically solve the problem of getting one shotted and even with damage boost it won't kill you."

Of course, Sojourn has already received damage nerfs since being introduced in Overwatch 2 – and yet some feel that she's still a menace in competitive play. Therefore, it seems that Blizzard may have to rethink the new Hero's Power Slide ability, and that seems to be what's causing the most grief.

However, Blizzard also had another big problem to fix with Sojourn: one of her skins is turning her invisible. The Damage character's Cyber Detective skin was removed from the game last week after it was found to be causing the major glitch, giving Sojourn players a huge, unfair advantage. It seems to be back in the game now, and not causing any issues, but it was still frustrating for players who had forked over some hard-earned (or more likely, bought) coins for the skin.

With this going on, as well as numerous other issues, it's no surprise that – as we reported last week – many fans are longing for the days of the first Overwatch. Which, of course, is now offline forever, so we'll never play it again. Cheers, Blizzard.

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