Paizo Reveals Pathfinder Bounties, Repeatable Mini-Adventures That Cost $2

Although the Second Edition of the iconic fantasy tabletop RPG, Pathfinder, came out just over a year ago now, new playable content has continued to emerge. Following August’s release of the Advanced Player’s Guide, the game’s publishers have just released a new repeatable mini-adventure, available for the low, low price of $2.

The mini-adventure, officially called “Pathfinder Bounty #1: The Whitefang Wyrm,” was written by Michael Sayre and is set in an arctic-inspired region called The Crown of the World. Players of the scenario are tasked with claiming the bounty that’s been set on the titular wyrm, a “serpentine creature” that has been consuming villagers’ food supply.

Initially announced in a tweet from Paizo’s official Twitter account, “The Whitefang Wyrm” is the first of many bounties that are set to be released throughout the season. Bounties are intended to function as introductory adventures as well as a quick play option for players looking for a self-contained, hour long playing experience. Bounties will also be repeatable and are designed for specific levels, in the case of “The Whitefang Wyrm” the adventure is Level 1.

“The Whitefang Wyrm,” as well as the bounties to follow, are officially sanctioned for use in Paizo’s organized play program, the Pathfinder Society (second edition). The Pathfinder Society serves as a worldwide organized campaign consisting of “Scenarios,” typically designed to last for 4-5 hours. These scenarios contribute to the larger metaplot that lasts throughout the year. However, although the bounties are intended to be compatible with the Pathfinder Society’s larger narrative structure, they are designed to also facilitate independent play.

This bounty, officially priced at $1.99 before tax, is available for purchase and immediate download on Paizo’s website. The module utilizes a scenario map from Paizo’s other popular tabletop RPG, Starfinder.  The specific Starfinder map that serves as the snowy, wyrm infested tundra is called “Ice World” and is also available to purchase as a physical flip-mat and downloadable PDF.

In addition to writing “The Whitefang Wyrm,” Michael Sayer works as a developer for Paizo and has also designed a number of other third-party publisher (3PP) Pathfinder projects such as Akashic Mysteries by Dreamscarred Press, Classes of the Lost Spheres: The Zodiac by Lost Spheres Publishing, The Genius Guide to Bravery Feats by Rogue Genius Games, and others.

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