PC Players Can’t Transfer Hades Save Data To Switch For A While

The transition from PC to Switch will take longer than expected for the upcoming launch of Hades.

During August’s Indie Direct, Nintendo announced that Hades would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Fall. One of the advertised features of the title was the ability to transfer saves from the PC version of the game to the Switch, but this sadly will not be available at launch.

In December of 2018, Supergiant Games revealed Hades, a rogue-like dungeon crawler that featured gods and monsters from classic Greek mythology. For nearly two years, the game has remained in early access, but will finally receive a full release in the upcoming months.

Unlocking and progressing in rogue-likes is often a daunting task, and mastering combat can take lots of dedication. The promise of being able to transfer progress from PC to Switch is great for fans of the PC version who have already dedicated hours of their lives to unlocking essential items.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues that the Supergiant team ran in to, the 1.0 release will not feature cross-saves. The ability to transfer saves will not roll out until later this year.

While playing the game, you can unlock items and weapons that you are able to use in later runs. You can also improve your relationships with characters in the hub world, granting rewards and abilities to be used in combat.

The decision to delay the release of cross-saves will be good in the long run. If the feature isn’t fully functioning on release, and breaks players’ save files, it would have a negative impact on further developments and updates for the game.

Hades has a lot of replayability, but being forced to restart a save file is never fun in any game. Punishing long time players would cause the developers to receive a lot of backlash, so pushing the feature back to allow for a more seamless release is a good idea.

There is no official release date for the 1.0 and Switch versions of Hades yet, but Supergiant Games has stated that it will release by the end of Fall, so sometime in the next few months. Be on the lookout for more updates regarding the full release and upcoming features.

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