People Are Buying Twitter Blue To Spam Ludwig With Messages

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is going great so far. First, he fired half of Twitter’s employees, resulting in a lawsuit, and Twitter’s lawyer says that Musk’s sweeping policy changes are putting the company at risk of even more lawsuits. For example, one of Musk's new plans to generate revenue is to charge people $8 for the Twitter Blue verification tag. Only he doesn't have the staff to verify the identity of people that sign up for Twitter Blue, so he just takes payment without actually determining if the person is who they say they are. This has naturally resulted in people impersonating various video game companies and even Musk himself.

One of the other perks of paying for that $8 checkmark is that you can apparently message anyone you want. This has led a ton of Ludwig fans to purchase Twitter Blue in order to send messages to one of the world’s biggest streamers.

"I thought buying verification for $8/month was brain-dead and no one would do it," commented Ludwig. "But then I woke up a dozen DMs from people who paid for verification JUST so I’d read their message."

Thankfully, most of those messages appeared to be benign, although one included a video that wasn't shown in Ludwig's screenshot. Some just said "hi," one said "love u bro," and another pointed out how great a fursona they have (to be fair, it does seem pretty great).

However, if you think paying for Twitter Blue will let you get in touch with Ludwig, he's got bad news for you. "I struggle to respond to my best friends DMs I ain’t replying to you cause you have a checkmark."

Expect Twitter to be in utter chaos for the next few months at least. Case in point, Musk let Twitter's official verification badge last just a few hours before killing it. Apparently, he was dissatisfied over how it would create "a two-class system" on Twitter and not because it's pointless when there's already a verified checkmark. And neither of them mean anything anymore anyway, so who cares?

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