“People Will Be Surprised In A Good Way About PS5,” Says Digital Foundry

When comparing the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, many people conclude that Xbox’s new hardware is better than the PS5. However, Digital Foundry seems to think that the PS5’s hardware is better than people think.

In a recent stream, Digital Foundry talked about next-generation hardware. When talking about the PS5, John Linneman had this to say: “We haven’t actually had hands-on with the PS5 yet. But just talking to developers, I think people will be surprised in a good way. I have been hearing some good things about that PS5.” The consensus has always been that Xbox is going to have the more powerful console, but that the PS5’s SSD will be better than the Xbox Series X and S. While the Xbox Series X has the better hardware, it’s nice to know that the PS5 isn’t too far behind in terms of power.

PlayStation released a video yesterday tearing down the PS5. It’s the first time that fans got to see the inside of the PS5. The teardown includes tearable plates and a cooling system that uses liquid metal. There are also details on how to put in extra storage, should it be needed. Hopefully, this means that the PS5 will be quieter than the PS4 was.

One of the benefits of the next generation is that loading times will be shorter than ever before. Sony has already shown off how the PS5’s custom SSD will work. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart shows how the SSD the game can load different worlds in an instant. Sony has also demoed Spider-Man PS4 on the PS5 with instant load times.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 launch next month, with game journalists and influencers already starting to get their hands on the Xbox Series X. The early reports on the Series X are that the console produces a lot of heat. Hopefully, Sony will send out preview copies of the PS5 soon. New console launches are always an exciting time for gamers, and the new generation is shaping up to be the most interesting one ever. The Xbox Series X and S release on November 10, while the PS5 releases on November 12.

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