Persona 3 Portable: Guide To Social Stats

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Persona 3 Portable makes players contend with raising only three social stat, instead of the five that would become standard in later Persona games. These stats can be boosted in a number of ways, from everyday things like working part-time jobs, to getting smarter by eating sushi (somehow).

But with so many different ways to raise each of the stats, and with so much tied to you making raising each one a priority, it’s imperative that you pay your social stats some mind. Here are a few ways to raise each of the three social stats in Persona 4 Golden.

This article contains some spoilers for Persona 3 Portable.

What Do Social Stats Affect?

As you spend your time with SEES over the months in which Persona 3 Portable plays out, you’ll find that there are things you can’t do until you’ve reached a certain stat.

These locks will primarily be tied to social links. Of the 22 total social links in this game, you’ll need to hit a skill requirement to initiate 10 of them.

We’ve listed these social links and their corresponding stat lock in our Beginners Tips guide.

The three stats you’ll need to raise are:

  • Academics
  • Courage
  • Charm

Thankfully, there are several ways to boost each.

Pay attention to which options greatly increase the stats, instead of just increased them.

These will usually be options you've got to pay for, like the Arcade Games and Movies.

Play Games At The Paulownia Mall Arcade

Though the selection of games changes multiple times each week, if you visit the Arcade in Paulownia Mall, you'll find a few options to raise your social stats.

Arcade Games That Boost Social Stats


Available On

Price to Play

Stat Raised

Quiz Game

Wednesday and Saturday



Horror House

Tuesday and Friday


Print Club

Monday and Thursday



Any game not listed above will boost the stats of the Persona you've currently got equipped instead of a social stat.

Watch Movies At Screen Shot

If you visit Port Island Station, it's almost tough to miss the giant logo for Screen Shot Movie Theater off to the left of the screen.

Here, you're able not only to work on occasion (which we'll cover in another section of this guide), but also watch movies at the cinema.

The theater has a special ¥1,500 rate for students. The movie you see does not affect the price.

Screen Shot's features are on something of a set rotation. On set days of the week, you'll be able to boost a set stat on that day. While the movies themselves may be different each day of the week, the stat will be the same.

You'll occasionally find the theater sold out. This is most likely to happen on weekends, so be sure you're planning your schedule ahead of time.

Below is a list of which stats can be improved on which days of the week if you choose to watch whatever movie is showing that day at Screen Shot.

Screen Shot's Social Stat Increases By Day Of The Week

Day of the Week

Stat Increased That Day


Academics (if you can get in on Sundays)










Take Advantage Of The Film Festival

During the summer, between 8/17-8/31, Screen Shot will be taking part in a Film Festival, during which they'll be showing multiple movies for the price of one.

Not only can you greatly increase stats by going to the Festival, but if you bring a social link, you'll also earn affinity toward their social link progression for the time spent together.

The game will prompt you about the festival as you wake up for the duration of it.

The films show on set dates. We've got all the info on the Film Festival in the table below, but beware that certain dates will give the different protagonists a different social stat boost.

If you're not invited on a set day or do not want to bring the character who will attend, you can choose to go by yourself.

Doing so still gives the stat boost.

Screen Shot Film Festival Schedule


Male Protagonist's Stat

Female Protagonist's Stat

































Take Your Studies Seriously

Though it may be frustrating to learn, Academics requires the most work of all three of the social stats. It's not that it's harder, but the stat requires more points to rank up.

The most efficient way to reliably boost your Academics is by studying.

Study At School Or At The Dorm

Your protagonist can choose to study either at the Library at Gekkoukan, or at their desk in their bedroom.

When you opt to study in the Library, you're guaranteed to earn +4 Academics each time. If you choose to study on a Sunday, you'll also have a random chance to earn +6 Academics instead of the usual +4.

When studying at your bedroom desk, you'll usually gain +2 Academics, with the random chance to have it doubled to +4.

Studying when you're Tired or Sick will typically not raise your Academics. Pay attention to your Condition before choosing to study.

Finally, while you're at school, you'll occasionally have the option to sleep in class. If you're trying to boost your Academics, stay awake.

Though, going to sleep during class is a reliable way to get into Good condition if you're fighting or exploring Tartarus that day!

Answer Questions Right In Class

While you may assume otherwise, answering the sporadic questions correctly during class will boost your Charm skill instead of Academics.

That said, it's still an easy way to raise your Charm, so consult our School and Test Answers guide for help nailing each question!

Finally, placing top of the class on exams will reward you with some Charm as well.

All Part-Time Jobs And Which Stats They Raise

Arguably one of the best ways to boost your social stats in is to work at one of the part-time jobs around Tatsumi Port Island.

Taking on a shift at one of the jobs will cause time to pass, but you'll be rewarded afterward with both an increase to two different social stats, and with a standard payment of yen that may raise the more often you work each job.

You can take these jobs regardless of which protagonist you've chosen in Persona 3 Portable.

Below, you'll find a list of all the part-time jobs in Persona 3 Portable, which social stats they raise, and the base pay for each.

All Part-Time Jobs In Persona 3 Portable



Days Available



Stats Boosted

Be Blue V

Paulownia Mall




  • Academics
  • Charm

Chagall Cafe




  • Charm
  • Courage

Screen Shot

Port Island Station

Days off from school



  • Academics
  • Courage

Foods And Activities That Raise Social Stats

Finally, there are a few odd and end ways that you can increase your social stats throughout the year as well. And while they may not fit into any of the above categories, they'll help you out just as much.

Eat And Drink Around Tatsumi Port Island

You've got a few options for food and drink around Tatsumi Port Island, and all the menu items will raise a stat once you're done consuming them.

Below are all the consumables in Persona 3 Portable, as well as what they cost and which stats they'll increase.

Food And Drink In Persona 3 Portable




Social Stat Raised


Wakatsu – Iwatodai Strip Mall, 2F



Pheromone Coffee

Chagall Cafe – Paulownia Mall




Hagakure – Iwatodai Strip Mall, 2F


Mystery Burger

Wild Duck Burger – Iwatodai Strip Mall, 1F



Mystery Concoction

Mr. Edogawa in the Nurse's Office (only available if your protagonist is Sick or Tired)


Belt It Out At Mandragora

At Paulownia Mall, if you interact with the stairs right behind the fountain in the center, you'll find Mandragora Karaoke.

Choosing to spend some time singing will cost you ¥, but will reliably raise your Courage.

It's available day or night on weekdays. You'll often find it too crowded to get in on Sundays and holidays.

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