Persona 4 Golden: How To Defeat Shadow Chie

The awakening of Chie’s Persona in Persona 4 Golden is frankly a little sad. It comes on the heels of your friend talking about how much better Yukiko is than her, thoughts spoken aloud by Shadow Chie. She can’t believe the compliments paid to her by Yukiko’s Shadow, unable to see herself that way, too.

It’s up to Yu and Yosuke to take on Shadow Chie in battle to help their friend confront her true feelings and awaken to her Persona. For a little help taking on Chie’s Shadow in Yukiko’s Castle in your runthrough of Persona 4 Golden, read on ahead.

This guide contains spoilers for the plot of Persona 4 Golden.

How To Beat Chie’s Shadow

Your fight with Shadow Chie will take place on Floor 2 of Yukiko’s Castle. Teddie will tell you he can sense Chie past the door when you get to the second floor, so make sure you and Yosuke are both in good shape and head inside when you’re ready.

After listening to Shadow Chie doubt the compliments Yukiko is offering her, the battle begins when her Persona bursts out, ready to fight.

Fighting Shadow Chie

Since you’re still in the tutorial stage of the game at this point, there are a few gameplay elements that this battle aims to hammer in for you.

You had the entirety of the first floor to adjust to Yosuke being in the party, too, and are probably in direct control of Yosuke. Selecting this will be a pivotal choice for the battle, as Chie’s Shadow uses electric attacks, to which Yosuke is weak.

Thankfully, Shadow Chie is weak to wind, which is the element in which Yosuke specializes. However, she resists all physical attacks, so you’ll need to rely on elements to win.

To handle this, have Yu use Zio to negate the loss of damage from physical attacks, and then follow up by having Yosuke use Garu.

This will knock down Shadow Chie by exploiting her wind weakness, allowing Yu and Yosuke a chance to perform an All-Out Attack to deal major damage to the shadow.

Proceed in this format, mitigating damage taken by your team while dealing as much as you can to Chie’s Shadow.

However, Shadow Chie has a handful of ways to strike back.

  • Chie’s Shadow can use Mazio, which deals electric damage to your whole party. This will knock Yosuke down, giving Shadow Chie another move.
  • She can also erect Green Wall, which lessens the damage from your wind attacks for three turns.

If the game tells you that Shadow Chie “looks at Yosuke scornfully,” it likely means she’s about to use Mazio on her next turn.

This is your warning to have Yosuke guard, as this will lessen the damage he takes from the incoming attack.

While Yosuke is the weak point in this battle, Izanagi is strong against electric attacks, so Shadow Chie won’t be dealing much damage to Yu, just Yosuke.

Repeat the cycle of downing Chie’s Shadow and dealing as much damage as you can until the shadow is defeated.

Chie Awakens To Her Persona

After the battle, you follow the party as they go to help Chie up. When she expresses doubt, remind her that “Everyone has different faces.”

After hearing your pep talk, Chie accepts her Persona as her other self, and she awakens to Tomoe.

Teddie will prompt you to leave the dungeon to let Chie rest, but having her awaken to her Persona means that the next time you enter Yukiko’s Castle, Chie will be a party member.

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