Phantasy Star Online 2 confirmed for America, but not for Europe

The sequel to Sega’s legendary online action role-player is to become an Xbox and PC exclusive in the West, or at least America.

With all the predictions and hypotheses about what Microsoft would show at E3 this year we don’t think anyone expected that a localised version of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 would be one of the biggest announcements.

Well, maybe not the biggest, but they did give a surprising amount of prominence to it, given most gamers in the West have probably never paid the franchise any mind since the original’s heyday back on the Dreamcast.

Back then it was a seminal online title, but it was never able to follow-up its initial success and when Capcom was ‘inspired’ by it to make Monster Hunter, Sega tried to compete by making most of the sequels PSP and PS Vita games.

Many of those games never got released in the West, with Phantasy Star Online 2 first coming out on PC, in Japan only, in 2012 and then on PS Vita a year later.

There were also PlayStation 4 and Switch versions this generation but those aren’t what will be coming to the West, instead there’ll be a new Microsoft exclusive edition on PC and Xbox One.

The game is free-to-play and will be released next spring. It’ll also contain all the content released up until now, which is presumably a lot considering how long ago it first came out.

As you can see though the game is only confirmed for North America and Sega are refusing to say whether it’ll come out in Europe. The likely problem being that while it’s one thing to translate the game into English it’s much more expensive and time-consuming to do it for multiple European languages.

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