Players Share Old Games They Still Can’t Get Enough Of

Redditors decided to find out which older games we're still playing obsessively nowadays. Without a doubt, you can guess some beloved ones on the list, but there are still a few unusual titles, too.

The clear fan favorites are Gen 1 Pokemon games "in all their janky glory." Fans admit to replaying them every couple of years, receiving "truly an A+ experience" every time. That sweet eagerness to catch 'em all, how could anything compare to that?

Another classic example is Age of Empires 2. Tobor32779 said that it is "really well balanced, has a lot of players still, and actually a growing community with more expansions coming even though the game is almost 20 years old." Fair point, especially given that the series was a big part of many players' childhood and people always feel a little nostalgic playing them today. Sadly, Age of Empires 4 didn't quite receive the reception that many thought it would, but the developers are still just about to introduce the community's most requested features in future updates.

Things can be a bit more niche, with many praising their time playing the modded version of Mount and Blade: Warband. Fans enjoy the Prophesy of Pendor mod the most for adding a whole new level of challenge to the already demanding game. Many still prefer Warband to its sequel Bannerlord which will be finally available on consoles from October 25.

Before you worry, Kojima's games have also made it to the top. "Never played a game through so many times and had just as much fun each time. Been playing it since 1998 or 1999," LochnessIntelChief07 wrote about Metal Gear Solid. They're definitely not alone here here. With some truly mind-blowing moments like the Psycho Mantis fight, the game is a classic example of the unique experiences that are only possible in this medium.

Other all-time beloved classics include Fallout: New Vegas, Left 4 Dead, Prince of Persia, Team Fortress, Morrowind, Knights of the Old Republic, and even Chess. Many admit they're eagerly anticipating the tabletop title Chess 2 to finally arrive and reclaim the throne for the next thousand years.

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