PlayStation Updates Final Fantasy 16 PS Store Page Before State Of Play

PlayStation has updated Final Fantasy 16's page on the PlayStation Store in time for today's State of Play presentation.

It's been some time since we've seen anything to do with Final Fantasy 16 but its producer, Yoshi-P, has confirmed in recent interviews and livestreams that an update on the game can be expected in the near future. Although Square Enix hasn't given a time frame on when to expect news, it's possible that we might get it as early as today.

As pointed out on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, Twitter user mrpyo1 noticed that PlayStation updated Final Fantasy 16's PlayStation Store page yesterday, just a day before its June State of Play presentation.

This could possibly mean that we're getting a trailer or release date during the State of Play. We already know that the presentation is going to focus on third-party and PSVR 2 games, which means that Final Fantasy 16 is eligible to appear. Although it's a PlayStation exclusive title, it's still considered third-party as Square Enix isn't owned by PlayStation.

Combine that with Yoshi-P's recent comments that the trailer has actually been done for some time, and it makes perfect sense for it to be included in the showcase. Although it's possible that Final Fantasy 16 could show up as part of the Summer Game Fest showcase, it makes much more sense for it to be a part of Sony's own presentation thanks to its exclusivity.

As pointed out by some on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, Final Fantasy 16's page has been updated before other showcases and then ended up not appearing, so it's possible that it won't make an appearance again. However, considering we already know that the trailer is done and planned on being shown soon and that the showcase is focused on third-party titles, it seems like a big missed opportunity for it not to show up.

Even if Final Fantasy 16 does end up skipping June's State of Play, Yoshida's comments alongside the PlayStation Store update make it clear that we're going to be getting more information on it in the near future.

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