Pokemon Fans Think Game Boy Titles May Come To Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo finally added Game Boy titles to NSO last week. However, notable in their absence were any Pokemon games. A theory that the first Pokemon games from that platform will be added to the Switch's library soon has gained momentum over the weekend after a message about transferring Pokemon to Stadium was removed from an NSO Expansion Pack ad.

Pokemon Stadiums 1 and 2 were both revealed to be coming to the Switch's Nintendo 64 library at some point in 2023. That day still hasn't come, but highlighted in the small print of the trailer revealing the news was the disappointing addendum that trainers won't be able to transfer Pokemon from their OG games to the Switch version of Stadium. A decision that ultimately makes sense since there's currently no way to play the Pokemon Game Boy titles on the newest Nintendo console.

The long-rumored addition of Game Boy games to NSO got fans hopeful the original Pokemon games will eventually be added to its library. Now, as highlighted on Famiboards and then shared on Reddit, the no transfers note has been removed from the Japanese version of the trailer revealing Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch. Possibly Pokemon fans clutching at straws, but an odd note to remove considering what has been announced in the past week.

As for when exactly Nintendo and Pokemon might confirm all of these suspicions to be correct, there's a significant day coming very soon. A day so close to last week's Direct that it would make sense the Pokemon Game Boy games weren't announced with the rest of the NSO library's first additions. Pokemon Day which will fall on February 27, the day on which the original games launched in 1996.

If NSO's Game Boy library is going to get those Pokemon games, and perhaps a few others, it makes sense that the announcement is made on their anniversary. That would also open the doors for Pokemon to be transferred between those games and Stadium, and also explain why the Stadium games still haven't been added five months after they were announced.

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