Pokemon Go Community Day May 2019: Niantic reveals FINAL secret before Torchic event

Pokemon Go fans are eagerly awaiting the next Community Day event for May 2019.

The May 2019 Community Day event will shine the spotlight on Fire-type Pokemon Torchic.

Unlike most Community Day events – which take place on Saturdays – the May celebration has a Sunday, May 19 launch.

The event kicks off at 3pm local time, and runs for three hours until 6pm.

With Torchic taking centre stage, it’s a great opportunity to get hold of a Combusken and maybe even a Blaziken.

And with the event just a few days away, Niantic has revealed the final Community Day secret for May 2019.

If you evolve Combusken into Blaziken during event hours your powerful new Pokemon will learn an exclusive special move.

Niantic explains more: “Attention, Trainers! Evolve Combusken during #PokemonGOCommunityDay or up to one hour afterward to obtain a Blaziken that knows Blast Burn!”

Better yet, Trainers can also use TMs to teach Blaziken an additional special move.

“Kicking in on Community Day and going forward, Trainers can use TMs to teach their Blaziken the powerful Fire-type move Blaze Kick!” Niantic reveals.

This feature will return for other Pocket Monsters in future Community Day events.

But what fans will be really excited about is the ability to catch a Shiny Torchic during the event.

And the chances of finding a new shiny will be greatly increased during event hours, so catch as many as you can.

Of course, exclusive special moves and shiny Pocket Monsters aren’t the only perks you can take advantage of on Community Day.

As with all Community Day celebrations, Lures will last for the duration of the three-hour event.

Fans will also receive extra Stardust for every Pokemon they catch, giving you the ability to power up and make big trades.

Niantic also typically makes a special Community Day item box available in the shop.

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