Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week Is Actually Getting Me Active

Pokemon Go is about getting active. Going for walks, exploring, and seeing the outside world is one of the core pillars of the game, alongside catching ‘em all and that good stuff. Developer Niantic doesn’t actually care whether you’re catching Pokemon or not, it only cares that you’re getting out and meeting your daily step count. And that you’re spending lots of cash, of course.

Adventure Week nails both of those aspects in one. First, you need to buy a bunch of incubators. Second, you need to walk a bunch in order to hatch the eggs. Niantic’s perfect combination. For players, however, that might not always be the case. I didn’t really think I’d get too into this week, as I haven’t really explored just for the sake of playing Pokemon Go since before the pandemic. I go out and about for big events, but just to hatch some eggs or find a new spawn? Probably not. However, the promise of Tyrantrum and Amaura got me on board. Plus, I still haven’t caught enough Tirtouga to evolve it, so an additional ‘dex entry is always welcome. The shinies are the cherry on top.

We were all disappointed with Go Fest, myself especially. As my colleague Eric Switzer has taken apparent glee in pointing out in every feature he’s written this week, I didn’t find a single shiny across the weekend, despite playing solidly throughout. I was ready to take a break from the game to help my bruised ego recover, but like the filthy mark I am, my break lasted all of a day. And I still need to get hearts on my buddy for 30 days in a row, so a break is basically out of the question.

I have a bunch of incubators already in my inventory, because I barely hatch eggs. So, over Go Fest I hatched the eggs already in my inventory, and filled the cleared space on Tuesday when Adventure Week started. Thankfully, 7km eggs are easy to come by, and my friends are more than happy to send daily gifts, so I was well stocked. But then, with a full-time job and evenings filled with childcare, how was I going to hatch ‘em all?

I walked while I worked, of course. I’m still walking now, as I write this. Sometimes I use my phone’s impressive speech-to-text function to write my first drafts of articles, but for this I tried something different. I set my desk to standing position and told Google Fit I was starting a workout. Then, I started walking.

Sure, my GPS was off, and I was only walking on the spot, but that’s still walking right? It’s not like I’m doing all the weird and wonderful exploits that players tried in the very early days of the game, attaching their phone to ceiling fans and record players to hatch eggs while they slept. I am walking, I’m just not really exploring. It’s not perfect, trust me I’d love to bin off work for a week and go walk up a few mountains, but I think my boss would have something to say about that. That something to say would probably be, “you’re fired.”

Anyway, I’ve walked 10km since Adventure Week started. That was about 40 hours ago, at the time of writing. It may not seem like much, but it’s a lot more than I usually walk. Working ten-hour days from your home office has its benefits, but a commute or the time for a lengthy midday stroll are not on the cards. Anyway, if I keep this up, I’ll do another 30km by Sunday night and nearly hit that 50km goal. The last time I hit that, I was literally walking up mountains every week in New Zealand.

Here I am, walking on the spot, writing. I’m hatching eggs on the job, and my boss can’t even be mad. I’ve walked 1.38km over the course of this article. It may not have the excitement or health benefits of going for a proper walk, but it has to be better than sitting down all day, right?

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