Pokémon Masters: How To Unlock Professor Oak And Mew

Trainers are getting their first-ever chance to battle alongside Professor Oak in Pokémon Masters. What’s more, the Profesor brought along the mythical Mew as his partner Pokémon!

This illustrious duo has come to join the events in celebration of the game’s six-month anniversary. Here’s how to make the most of the sync pair’s month-long battle vacation on the island of Pasio.

How to Unlock Professor Oak and Mew As A Sync Pair

Professor Oak and Mew will be an unlockable sync pair until mid-March. Merely logging into Pokémon Masters will trigger intro dialogue in the lobby — so long as the trainer has completed the game’s introduction in Chapter 1.

Strengthening Professor Oak & Mew

The completion of Chapter 2 in the main story is required to progress through the sync pair’s long list of special missions. Trainers complete the first mission in the series automatically when they put the duo on their team. The plethora of remaining tasks consists of battling, leveling, and strengthening the sync pair by every means available.

Custom Tech Tonics are used to break the duo’s level cap and can be obtained by winning battles. Trainers may also exchange Custom Vouchers, which are obtained through special missions, for the sync pair’s exclusive power-ups. Items may be exchanged at the Pokéshop located in the lobby.

This is a big moment of nostalgia for players who remember the slightly batty Professor from the series’ origins. There are not only several familiar faces and old references tossed into the mix, but trainers get to see Professor Oak return to battle.

After decades of inaction, the esteemed Professor is making a comeback with none other than one of the most fabled Pokémon of the franchise. Take this opportunity to battle alongside a legend until March 15th, when he heads back to the lab.

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