Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Cutest Pokedex Entries

Pokemon has always been about a mix of cute and badass with its monster designs. With the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, that trend continues. In the new Pokedex, there are tons of interesting and weird Pokedex entries, as always, but some just melt your heart in seconds.

Gen 9 fully embraces the more whimsical and goofy side of Pokemon and has given us some fan favorites already, such as Lechonk and Fueococo. The game has a nice balance of fierce and derpy Pokemon, but some heartwarming entries also find their way into this new collection of 'mons.

8/8 Quaxly

Quaxly is the answer to many fans' demands for a decent duck pokemon, one that is better than Psyduck and Ducklett that is. Quaxly has an amazing design already, with a bit of a smug demeanor and an adorable look.

Its Violet Pokedex entry mentions how tidy it is and that it's prone to overthink things. It already looks extremely cute, and imagining it thinking about minute details with a serious face makes it feel that much more huggable. It's how a toddler looks when they try to be serious and adult.

7/8 Rabsca

Rabsca is the evolved form of the hilarious Rellor. It's an interesting concept, as it evolves after running around and rolling its ball of mud and dirt. While Rellor is cute in its own way, Rabsca doesn't shout adorable at first glance.

While Rabsca definitely leans on the mysterious in terms of its design, its Violet entry reveals how cute it really is. There's an infant that sleeps inside the ball, and Rabsca rolled the ball soothingly to ensure it sleeps comfortably. Rabsca is just a caring little bug, how cute.

6/8 Dondozo

Dondozo is the first part of a duo of Pokemon that were created to cooperate, the second one being Tatsugiri. Dondozo is a large Water-type inspired by a blobfish, so it's a little hard to imagine such a monster being cute in some way. However, the Pokedex entry proves otherwise.

First of all, Dondozo is bad at getting food and thus teams up with the tiny Tatsugiri, which is an adorable image. In addition, it treats Tatsugiri like its boss and is fully loyal to it. Dondozo is your standard giant brute with a good heart and empty brain, which is endearing in many ways.


Tatsugiri is the complete contrast to Dondozo. First of all, it's inspired by a nigiri and is a tiny Dragon-type, which makes it hilarious and loveable from the get-go. This Pokemon is also described as one of the most intelligent Dragon-types, which is represented in its great Special Attack stat.

Tatsugiri know they're weak and use Dondozo's companionship to their advantage, hiding in its mouth, luring predators to it, and so on. Tatsugiri and Dondozo make an amazing brain and brawn team, and it makes them an absolutely adorable duo.

Finizen And Palafin

Pokemon fans have been clamoring for a dolphin-inspired Pokemon for years, and Game Freak finally delivered that with Finizen and Palafin. These cute little dolphins are some of the most interesting evolutionary lines as well. When Finizen evolves, it doesn't physically change at first.

Instead, it becomes a literal superhero. When Palafin switches out, its ability will turn it into a Hero Form, and it will become extremely strong. Palafin is described as the hero of the ocean and is known for saving drowning people and Pokemon. Its analog of needing to change into its superhero costume is also a great touch. This is one of the cutest and strongest Pokemon in the game by far.

5/8 Tandemaus

Game Freak really turned the cuteness dial to eleven with Tandemaus. They are a couple that never separates and looks adorable. Their species is even named the Couple Pokemon. Unless you get weirded out by multiple entities counting as one, Tandemaus is the cutest thing you can encounter.

Tandemaus's Violet entry talks about how these two stick together no matter what, splitting any food they find exactly in half and enjoying it together. According to their Scarlet entry, they are also great at teamwork, using the materials they find to build a nest for themselves. Some great family dynamics here.

4/8 Maushold

When Tandemaus evolve, they stay the same but make babies! That is cute already, but the Pokedex entries make them even more loveable. There are two versions, one with a single child and one with two.

According to their Pokedex entries, this family of mice builds nests with several rooms for different purposes, works together and cooperates, and the larger couple even protects the smaller ones. This is as close as any Pokemon probably came to living a human life, and it's absolutely adorable.

3/8 Cyclizar

Cyclizar is a unique Pokemon. It shares the look of a bike with the cover legendaries Miraidon and Koraidon, but it is its own entity. It definitely has a look on the dorky side but has an adorable and loveable vibe to it. It's also apparently a great companion, according to the Pokedex.

Cyclizar's Scarlet entry explains that Cyclizar has been allowing people to ride it since ancient times, as far back as 10,000 years ago. Its Violet entry mentions how the warmth of a rider's body lifts its spirit. In a game with so many canine Pokemon, it's funny how a dragon bike feels the most like a dog you'd love to have.

2/8 Pawmi

Pawmi is your classic Pikachu clone that every game needs. While Pawmi has some interesting qualities to set itself apart, the extreme sweetness is in keeping with tradition. This little furball made tons of players audibly aww when first released, and still does.

According to Pokemon Scarlet's Pokedex, Pawmi has underdeveloped electric sacs on its cheeks. These sacs can only produce electricity when rubbed by their paws. If your heart hasn't melted yet, Pawmi's Violet entry talks about how it can't steadily stand on its hind legs when attacking, which makes it even cuter. One of the cutest Pokemon of all time, for sure, with its wobbly stance, furiously rubbing its own cheeks in a battle.

1/8 Maschiff

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have introduced several dog-like Pokemon to the roster. One of the cutest among them has to be Maschiff. This small Dark-type tries to be intimidating but ends up being extremely loveable.

According to Pokemon Scarlet's Pokedex, Maschiff attempts to make opponents take it seriously by scowling, but even crying children happen to burst into laughter when they see its face. While not intentional, Maschiff ends up being the cutest boy out there.

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