Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Pokemon To Have Dragon Tera Type

Dragons are truly special in the Pokemon world. It’s a solid defensive typing that became so powerful that Fairy-types had to be introduced to keep them in check. Dragon-type moves are some of the strongest in the game, and the bonus STAB damage from Dragon-type Terastallization marked them as an even more ominous threat in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Its critical resistances and increased damage output make Dragon-type Terastallization relatively niche. It provides defensive options for Water-type sweepers and powers up Pseudo-Legendary dragons. Despite its weakness to Fairy-types and limited super-effective options, there are plenty of ways to utilize this unique Tera-Type.

8/8 Vaporeon

Vaporeon doesn't tend to be everyone's first pick when it comes to Eevee's evolutions, but it has the potential to change that with the Dragon Tera Crown. Its high base stats, particularly its HP and Special Defense, gives it a lot of staying power on the battlefield. Additionally, in the rain, it becomes immune to status conditions with its ability, Hydration.

Vaporeon has only two weaknesses: Grass and Electric-type moves – both of which are resisted as a Dragon-Type. It has the move pool to cover its Dragon-Type weaknesses, and since it's resistant to Ice before it Terastallizes, its only real concern is opposing Fairy-types. Through Terastallization, Vaporeon becomes an immortal dragon that wreaks havoc on any team, especially in the rain.

7/8 Koraidon

Despite being a living vehicle, Koriadon's typing has kept it from making any forward progress. Like the similarly typed Kommo-o, it's incredibly well-designed, but its 4x weakness to Fairy-types makes it difficult to use in any competitive meta. By reducing its Fairy weakness, as well as eliminating its Flying-type weakness, this ancient Pokemon becomes a powerful blast from the past.

By setting up the sun it can boost either its Speed or Attack stats with its ability Orichalcum Pulse, drastically increasing its sweeping potential. Combine this with a Tera Boosted Dragon Type attack, and Koriadon land a powerful primordial punch that won't be forgotten. This legendary lizard can add yet another feather to its cap with the Dragon Tera Crown.

6/8 Golduck

Golduck is yet another Water-type sweeper that can increase its defensive viability with a Dragon Tera Crown. Its ability, Swift Swim, allows it to thrive in the rain – doubling its base 80 speed. Its stats are easily overlooked, but when holding an offensive Held Item in the rain, it can deliver some quack-tastic smacks.

The biggest threat to Golduck's success on the field is Electric- and Grass-type attacks, both of which are resisted by Dragons. While there isn't a way for Golduck to utilize the Tera-Type offensively, the added bulk allows this lucky duck to stay swimming and winning. With a Dragon-type Terastallization, Golduck leaves its opponents feeling fowl.

5/8 Iron Bundle

While Delibird's original stats fail to deliver its upgraded future form, Iron Bundle is mech-a-nice on the competitive ladder. This Robo-Santa has the power to make your holiday wishes come true year-round with its incredible Speed and Special Attack.

As a Paradox Pokemon, it can utilize its ability Quark Drive to boost its base 136 Speed and set itself up as a powerful special sweeper. Like most Water-type sweepers in Paldea, Iron Bundle can get a lot of defensive utility out of a Dragon-type Terastallization. With the Dragon Tera Crown, Iron Bundle resists its most common threats in the competitive meta, allowing anyone to catch these holly jolly hands.

4/8 Charizard

Other than Pikachu, Charizard is the most iconic Pokemon in the series. It's one of the most beloved designs and remains competitively viable in every generation. It's an incredibly strong special attacker and can absolutely roast opponents in the sun. While few understand why this blazing beast wasn't a Dragon type to begin with, Terastallization stands to correct that error.

As a Dragon-type, it loses its 4x weakness to Rock, gains a Water resistance, and gets a STAB boost on the many Dragon Type attacks in its move pool. As one of the first Tera Raid bosses, It's a common Tera combination to find, making it more accessible than most. Charizard finally can meet the expectations it was designed for with a Dragon-type Terastallization.

3/8 Cloyster

Since Generation 1, Cloyster has been a shell-ebrity on the competitive ladder. This clam is the only Pokemon in Paldea to get Skill Link, which maximizes the number of times multi-hit moves like Icicle Spear find their target. It has a high base Defense, making it useful against physical attackers, but its special defense lacks the same luster.

With Shell Smash, this ominous oyster has incredible sweeping potential, but its four weaknesses and poor special defense are still an issue. Since both Electric and Grass types tend to use Special Attacks, Cloyster can really benefit from Dragon-types' resistance to them and increase its staying power. As a Dragon-type, Cloyster can reliably set itself up, making it one of the best picks for Terastallization.

2/8 Haxorus

If there is one Pokemon who can cut an opponent down to size with the Dragon Tera Crown – it's Haxorus. This Gen 5 Psedo-Legendary has an axe-traordinary physical Attack stat of 147, making it one of the strongest Dragon Types in the game. While most Pokemon use a Dragon-Type Terastallization defensively, this sword slinger utilizes the additional STAB boost to slay everything in its path.

Not only does it have access to both Dragon Claw and Outrage to utilize its power boost, but it also gets access to Dragon Dance, further increasing its potential. Additionally, it has both Poison- and Fighting-type attacks in its movepool, allowing it to counter its Fairy and Ice Type weaknesses, making this fanged friend a Hax-cellent choice for a Dragon-Type Terastallization.

1/8 Dondozo

Dondozo has been making a big splash in the competitive meta. With an allied Tatsugri in its mouth, All of Dondozo's stats get boosted by two stages, which allows this culinary catfish to dish out serious damage, and stick around for dessert. It can further boost its stats by one stage with its signature move, Order-up, a Physical Dragon-Type attack with a base power of 80.

With its boosted defense and massive base 150 HP, Dondozo wants to stay on the field as long as possible, collecting boosts and devouring opponents. By Terastalizing into a Dragon-Type, this lake-dwelling leviathan not only gains resistance to both Grass and Electric Types, but an additional STAB boost on one of its most vital moves. A Dragon-Type, Dondozo can stack its attack and serve up some serious slaps, making this full-bellied fish the finest fit for the Dragon Terra Crown.

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