Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Glitch Is Turning Trainers Into Slender Man

A strange visual glitch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is turning trainers into the Pokemon equivalent of Slender Man after they ride either Koraidon or Miraidon.

Today marks the launch day for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and players all around the world are currently taking their first steps in Paldea as I type this. What would usually be a day of celebration and shared love of Pokemon has turned into a bit of a bug hunt, as players showcase all the ways that their playthroughs are glitching and freaking out.

Although we've already reported on some of the strange things that players are having to do to keep the game running at a stable framerate, visual glitches seem to be the most common issue that players are sharing right now. These range from trainers clipping into the floor and falling forever, getting stuck inside doors, and a host of camera issues, but the most disturbing by far is a glitch that seems to turn players into Slender Man momentarily.

A clip on Twitter that has quickly gone viral from Twitter user t_a_b_e_r_u shows two trainers standing around in Paldea. After one second, one of the trainers jumps on Miraidon, which causes their face and limbs to horrifically stretch out as Miraidon just casually disappears from underneath them. Another video from t_a_b_e_r_u shows the other player trying to replicate the glitch by hopping onto Koraidon, although it doesn't quite seem to work for them as they remain non-slenderised.

As of the time of writing, the clip currently has more than two million views on Twitter and over 100,000 likes. In the grand scheme of things, it's a pretty harmless visual glitch that seems to have only affected one player so far, but it is indicative of the number of technical problems that Scarlet & Violet have at launch, and how players are reacting to the overall state of the game.

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