Pokemon Sword & Shield: 5 Perfect Pokemon To Complement Scorbunny (& 5 To Avoid)

The undisputed favorite among Pokémon fans, it’s easy to see why Scorbunny is so loved by those who usually pick the Fire-type starter Pokémon. Aside from its interesting design that actually fits into the England, Ireland, and Scotland inspired world of Galar, its pure Fire-typing is also a nice change as many feared it would be yet another Fire/Fighting-type starter.

Scorbunny also has one of the best hidden abilities in Libero, which functions identically to Greninja and Kecleon’s Protean, allowing all of its attacks to benefit from the STAB mechanic as well as allowing for more tactical battles in changing its type according to opposing Pokémon.

10 Catch: Chewtle

Found very early after gaining the ability to catch wild Pokémon, Chewtle is one of the better early-game Water-type Pokémon available. Chewtle and Drednaw not only deals with Ground and Rock-type Pokemon, but Scorbunny also covers its four times weakness to Grass-types to boot. Drednaw is also surprisingly fast for a Rock-type Pokémon and has two great abilities in Strong Jaw and its hidden ability, Swift Swim, though for a standard playthrough, Strong Jaw is the better option if Scorbunny was chosen as a starter.

9 Avoid: Wingull

While Pelipper with Drizzle is a very good Pokémon and is arguably one of the best Rain setters in the game, the fact that it is only good while in the Rain means that it doesn’t pair well with Scorbunny. While Wingull and Pelipper deal with Rock and Ground-types that would otherwise threaten to deal serious damage to Scorbunny, they are both also weak to Rock-types, not to mention the fact that Scorbunny’s Fire-type attacks take a serious hit in the Rain and hinders its damage output substantially.

8 Catch: Lotad

Although Lotad and its evolutions are best known for how good they can be on a Rain centric team, that doesn’t mean they aren’t also useful outside of it. With great coverage moves like Scald, Giga Drain, and Ice Beam, alongside annoying moves like Fake Out and Leech Seed, the Lotad line is a great companion to Scorbunny.

With its unique Water/Grass-typing, the Lotad line covers all of Scorbunny’s weaknesses between both of these types, as well as being quite a good Pokemon both defensively and offensive while having decent speed. Ludicolo can also be obtained very early on if you make a beeline for the Digging Duo next to the Wild Area Daycare Center, where you can obtain evolution stones in exchange for Watts.

7 Avoid: Seedot

The Seedot line may be cool Pokémon, but they’re definitely the weaker of the two Hoenn Grass-types and only really works well in Sunny weather due to its many weaknesses as a result of its Dark/Grass-typing. Even in Sunny weather, something that Scorbunny even benefits from, there are much better Pokémon with the Chlorophyll ability, such as Bulbasaur and Oddish, which can be obtained just as early as Seedot and have the added bonus of being Poison-type rather than Dark-type.

6 Catch: Swinub

On top of having a fairly unique type combination in Ice and Ground-type, the Swinub line covers many bases despite sharing many weaknesses with Scorbunny. Ground-type covers  Electric-type attacks which, while neutral hits, can potentially hinder Scorbunny if it is Paralyzed, as well as opposing Fire-type attacks,  although this shouldn’t be the first reason to use Swinub as it is also weak to Fire-type attacks. Ice-type hits most other types neutrally, as well as hitting Ground-type attacks super effectively, but most importantly, it hits Dragon-type Pokemon super effectively, something that Scorbunny otherwise can’t do.

5 Avoid: Eiscue

Eiscue is a Pokémon brimming with potential, as its Ice Face ability is wholly unique and is only really comparable to Darmanitan’s Zen Mode. That being said, Eiscue has a distinct lack of coverage, as is normal for Ice-type Pokémon, as well as sharing Scorbunny’s weakness to Rock-type attacks with no great way to deal with them. Although it has access to attacks that are super effective against both Rock and Ground-type attacks, its reliance on both Ice Face as well as attack boosting moves like Belly Drum leave it being quite underwhelming in a normal playthrough.

4 Catch: Koffing

While Koffing and Weezing’s Poison-typing does add yet another Pokémon weak to Ground-type attacks, its access to the Levitate ability removes this weakness altogether and leave it with only one weakness to Psychic-type attacks. Even after it evolves into Galarian Weezing, it only has an additional weakness to Steel-types, something that Scorbunny easily covers.

Aside from the Poison and Fairy-typing giving you access to the likes of Sludge Bomb and Strange Steam to take down problematic Fairy, Fighting, and Dragon-type Pokémon, it also gets coverage moves like Overheat, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Ball to help cover other team weaknesses, such as Scorbunny’s Water-type weakness.

3 Avoid: Roselia

Roserade can be a very powerful partner under the right conditions, but alongside a Scorbunny, it doesn’t bring anything to the table that isn’t brought more efficiently by the Bulbasaur or Oddish line instead. It can be caught fairly early, as soon as the Wild Area becomes available, but there are better ways to cover Scorbunny’s main weaknesses with Water, Ground, and Rock-type attacks even earlier than this. Roselia also suffers from being quite a bit worse than Roserade, which it can’t evolve into until later in the game.

2 Catch: Noivern

As far as Dragon-types go in Galar, there are a handful of decent options that deal with the majority of threats a Scorbunny trainer is likely to see. One of the best, at least in terms of how early you can obtain it as well as how well it fairs in battle, is Noivern. While it isn’t always seen as the best Dragon-type Pokémon, especially since it lacks the pseudo legendary status that most others do, it is arguably better than the rest by the fact that it is immune to Ground-type attacks while resisting Water-type attacks and isn’t limited to The Crown Tundra, where the other main Dragon/Flying-type, Dragonite, it found.

1 Avoid: Duraludon

As good as Duraludon is, it suffers from both being incredibly hard to find before the end-game section of Sword & Shield. This aside, its weakness to Fighting and, more specifically, Ground-type attacks makes it difficult to use alongside Scorbunny neither of them are really able to counter the other’s weaknesses. The only exception to this are the moves Bounce and Zen Headbutt on Scorbunny, neither of which are particularly useful outside of Dynamax battles, and Solar Beam on Duraludon, which suffers from the same shortcomings.

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