Pokemon Sword & Shield Release Date Update: Good Switch News ahead of Nintendo E3 2019

Pokemon Sword & Shield are the latest entries in the long-running, every popular series of children’s games and are due out at the end of the year. While we had some information revealed back in February thanks to the Pokémon Direct, we haven’t had a huge amount of anything since.

This is somewhat frustrating for fans because we just want to know when we can once again train up a powerful Arcanine – the best Pokémon – but in a brand-new game. 

While proper information is somewhat thin on the ground, we do occasionally get to glean bits and bobs from the small amount of interaction we get from The Pokémon Company.

This time, that info comes via a t-shirt design competition from Uniqlo who teamed up with The Pokémon Company this year to bring some awesome clothing designs to the wider world. 

Well, as a result of this, we also got to see some new screenshots from the upcoming games that appear to show a rather sizeable increase in graphical fidelity.

The Twitter user FadeIn2211 posted a comparison clip showing the two shots against one another. 

In the updated shot, the textures have all change, lighting appears better, and even the camera angle itself seems to have been moved. 

This is a nice change from the norm as many games debut with mind-blowing graphics in trailers that are unrealistic by the time the final product releases. This is mostly because companies want you to be excited about the games they are making, but also because the scope of games can change a lot.

Many choose gameplay and systems over graphics because they are what make a game memorable. 

The improved shots actually come thanks to a magazine scan rather than a digital trailer. This means that it is highly likely that the improvements are actually more noticeable thanks to the low quality that comes when you scan a magazine.

What this means for fans is that the games could actually be significantly better looking than the direct initially portrayed.

While Pokémon could never be accused of pushing the graphical limits of any of the platforms it has come to, it would definitely be nice to see the games give it a bash.

After all, while gameplay trumps all other things, the Pokémon are pretty cute and we want to see them in all their glory. 

Assuming these screenshots are a good representation then it is the first bit of new information we’ve had for some time. Thankfully, we aren’t going to be in this information drought much longer. 

With E3 next month we are sure to have some new information about the upcoming titles by way of Nintendo’s presentation at the conference. They have already said they would be focussing on the titles coming out this year, and no title is a big as Pokémon.

We just have to sit around and wait for the information to come out, even if there isn’t much from the show, CoroCoro has said they will have new information coming from them June 21st. This is probably just an E3 roundup, but it is nice to have as a backup plan. 

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