Pokemon TCG Gets New Kadabra Card After 21 Years, You’re Welcome

Stay calm everyone, it's finally happening. 21 years after the last time the Gen 1 Pokemon appeared in the TCG, Kadabra is getting a new card. The spoon-wielding 'mon was the subject of a lawsuit two decades ago that led to The Pokemon Company leaving Kadabra in the dark. After being given the okay by Uri Geller in 2020, Kadabra can finally make its triumphant return.

Following rumors Kadabra would be getting its first card since 2002 due to Pokemon creating a new set based on its OG 151 monsters, a report from Pokebeach has now confirmed that to be the case. Pokemon Card 151 will indeed include a Kadabra, an Abra, and an Alakazam that evolves from the long-absent 'mon, something that hasn't been allowed to be the case for a very long time.

Kadabra's absence stems from a lawsuit filed by Geller all the way back in 2000. The spoon in Kadabra's hand, and its name in Japan being Yungerer, clearly pointed to the Pokemon being inspired by the illusionist. Since Pokemon didn't ask if it was okay to do that, Geller sought legal action. Not only for damages but also demanding Kadabra not be used in the TCG moving forward.

That remained the case until TheGamer published a feature on the history between Pokemon, Geller, and the absence of Kadabra cards in 2020. Geller got wind of what became a renewed push from fans asking him to give Pokemon his blessing to create Kadabra cards and reached out to TheGamer, informing us that he had been in touch with Nintendo to let it know it was all water under the bridge and that he had received responses from two Nintendo representatives.

Fast forward a little more than two years, and here we are. Kadabra is officially about to be immortalized in Pokemon card form once again for the first time since 2002. No need for Abra to learn a move that lets it evolve directly into Alakazam, nor the need to create a mechanic allowing a fully evolved Alakazam to be used as a basic Pokemon. None of the Pokemon Card 151 designs have been revealed yet, but Kadabra will likely be the focus when they are.

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