Pokemon TCG Live Beta Is Now Available Globally

Pokemon TCG Online’s replacement, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live (hence shortened Pokemon Live), has just launched into its global beta after a year-long delay.

Originally scheduled to launch last November, Pokemon Live’s beta period began with a limited release in February 2022, starting in Canada and slowly rolling out to additional countries. Now on the anniversary of the game’s initial launch date, Pokemon Live has opened its doors globally allowing anyone to download the game from wherever they might be.

For those who may have lost track of Pokemon Live since its initial announcement, it's basically to Pokemon Online as Magic Arena is to Magic: The Gathering Online. Pokemon Live will offer a totally revamped app that works on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows PC, allowing for crossplay matchmaking across all four platforms. It'll also feature an improved interface, character customization, battle passes, exclusive events, daily quests, and more.

Pokemon Live will also allow Pokemon Online players to transfer their collections and in-game resources to the new app, but keep in mind, it's a one-way trip. Once cards and items have been transferred to Pokemon Live, there's no going back. Pokemon Online is scheduled for retirement after Pokemon Live has its full launch.

The Pokemon Live beta will last for an unspecified time frame, according to Pokemon Beach, so there's no rush to transfer your cards just yet. If you're still participating in events and challenges in Online, then you can safely delay your transfer for now. Just keep in mind that transfer day is inching ever closer with Pokemon Live's global beta.

You can download Pokemon Live from Google Play and the Apple App Store, or download it from the official website here.

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