Pokemon: The 10 Pokemon With The Highest Defense Stats In The Original Games, Ranked

They say that the best offense is a good defense, and in the Pokemon world, that’s 100% the case. While base stats like Speed or Attack are the most sought after, any Pokemon with a good Defense stat can endure even the strongest enemy.

It is normal for you only to want the cream of the crop when designing the Pokemon team of your dreams. Players often go after a Pokemon that’s cute or a special favorite—due to nostalgia reasons—but if its stats aren’t high enough, it won’t have much use. In case you decided to reconnect with your younger self and dust off your copy of the original games, here are the best Pokemon with the highest Defense stat in Generation I.

10 Sandslash – 110

Unlike similar Pokemon like Rhydon or Golem, Sandslash isn’t a Rock-type, which decreases its damage compared to the others.

However, you can play it defensively by using non-damaging moves like Sand Attack, which decreases the target’s accuracy. Take advantage of this Pokemon’s high defense stat by using Sandslash when you need a resistant creature who can outspeed slightly-injured but more powerful enemies, like Exeggutor.

9 Tangela – 115

Tangela is a bit of a mystery in the Pokemon world; this creature’s true form is hidden behind its ever-growing vines, resembling Medusa’s head (the Greek mythological creature). These vines have other purposes though, Tangela can use them to trap anything that walks too close to it. However, this isn’t very effective as the vines can tear up easily, allowing the target to escape.

In combat, this Pokemon can withstand some hits with its 115 Defense stat. However, that’s pretty much the extent of its power. Sure, this Pokemon has a 100 Special stat, and in Gen I, all damaging Grass-type moves were Special, but in those 7 Pokemon types are resistant to Grass moves.

8 Kingler – 115

Kingler is a Water-type Pokemon that resembles a crab. Its principal physical characteristic is its huge oversized left claw, which this Pokemon uses to attack and communicate with others. Nevertheless, this claw is so big and heavy that just using it makes Kingler tire up quickly.

This Pokemon has two high stats; one is its 130 Attack stat while the other is its 115 Defense stat. Despite this good defense, it has low Special stats, which means Pokémon with special moves can knock out Kingler in just a few turns.

7 Graveler – 115

This Rock and Ground-type Pokemon has a round rock-like body covered in small bumps. Although it has four arms, for years, fans thought this creature only had two, as in the Red and Blue versions of the game showed us an incorrect number of limbs; only four were visible.

Its hefty body might be the secret behind Graveler’s 115 Defense stat; not only is it strong, but it also has the ability to restore itself over time.

6 Rhydon – 120

This Pokemon is better known for its formidable 130 Attack stat, however with 120, its Defense stat is pretty good as well. Being a Ground and Rock-type Pokemon, this creature has a good defensive utility. Rhydon can take Explosions, break off Thunder Wave and even block powerful Electric-type adversaries like Jolteon and Zapdos.

This Pokemon looks like a mix between a dinosaur and a rhino, and it was the first Pokemon ever created!

5 Weezing – 120

With a 120 Defense stat, this Poison-type Pokemon excels in Defense and has one of the most powerful physical moves in its repertoire, Explosion.

Weezing is a Poison-type Pokemon, and it shows. This creature has many geyser-like lumps that expel gases; also, it mixes gases between the two heads. When this happens, Weezing becomes more toxic and putrid. This Pokemon pollutes so much that in the Pokemon Red and Blue beta, Weezing’s name was “La,” a nod to Los Angeles’ polluted air.

4 Omastar – 125

Don’t get carried away by how slow this Pokemon appears to be, as it has an ok HP stat of 70, a remarkable 125 Defense stat, and an impressive 115 Special stat. This last one is something you should keep in mind as this Pokemon have access to the very powerful special move, Blizzard.

This prehistoric Pokemon looks a lot like an ammonite; you can obtain it when it evolves from Omanyte. Although it is unclear why it went extinct, some people believe it was a consequence of the increasingly heavyweight of its shell. This extra weight affected Omastar mobility, thus making it unable to catch food.

3 Golem – 130

With a 110 Attack stat and a 130 Defense stat, players usually compare this Pokemon against Rhydon to see which one is the better addition to their team. While most players prefer Rhydon, Golem still manages to stand out by having access to the powerful move Explosion.

Golem’s high Defense stat and strong move set make it an excellent option to weaken your enemy before finishing them off with another Pokemon if Golem is knocked out.

2 Onix – 160

While most of its stats are very low, Onix has a reliable 160 Defense Stat. This means it has the highest Defense of every unevolved Pokemon in Gen I.

When you see Onix, you understand why it has such a high defense; this Pokemon body consists of a giant chain of gray rocks that become smaller towards the tail. Additionally, this Pokemon absorbs any hard object it encounters while tunneling, making its body sturdy.

1 Cloyster – 180

Leaving the Mega Evolutions aside, Cloyster is the Water-type Pokemon with the highest base Defense stat, 180 to be precise. Not only that, but it has access to powerful moves like Blizzard and Explosion.

This Pokemon’s powerful Defense comes from the fact that it’s impossible to open its shell from the outside once it shuts itself; this makes the Pokemon super resistant to things like a missile strike or a bomb blast. The shell only opens when it’s time to attack. However, Cloyster can fight back an enemy while the shell is still close.

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