Pokemon Unite: Shivre City Strategy Guide

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Shivre City is one of three Quick Match arenas playable in Pokemon Unite. Being the smallest map in the game, matches that take place here center around fast and action-packed gameplay.

In addition to its size, this map is unique in its layout and mechanics. Without knowing the necessary information, finding success in Shivre City will be challenging, so we've put together a short primer to help you secure those all-important wins.

Pokemon Unite: Shivre City Layout And Features

Player Counter And Match Duration

Matches that take place at Shivre City will have four players on each team and will last five minutes.

Shivre City Layout

There are three main areas in Shivre City: the top path, bottom path, and central path. Each team only has one Goal Zone to defend, located right outside their base. You'll start in your base, and reappear here each time you're knocked out. Opponents are blocked from entering this area, and you'll be able to heal up fastest here.

The top and bottom paths contain Speed Flux Zones. All players will benefit from a speed boost when traveling in these areas, making up for the lack of Salac Berries and Jump Pads on this map.

Goal Zones And Scoring

As with other maps, you'll gain health regeneration and a shield when standing inside your own Goal Zone. Your team can score points at your opponent's Goal Zone at any time in the match, and without limit. Shivre City often sees high-scoring matches as a result, compared to those that take place in other Pokemon Unite arenas.

Shivre City possesses a unique scoring mechanic. When playing on this map, a meter can be seen below your Aeos Energy. This meter fills up when you fight with other players, providing the ability to instantly score points once it's completely filled.

Points scored in the final minute of the match will be doubled.


In Pokemon Unite, berries are consumables that provide players a specific boost upon pick up. There is only one type of berry that can be found in Shivre City:

Berry TypeBoost ProvidedLocation
Sitrus Berry+1500 HPAlong the Speed Flux Zones in the top and bottom paths.

Pokemon Unite: Shivre City Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon can be found throughout the arena. Knocking these out grants XP and Aeos Energy upon their defeat. The following Wild Pokemon can be found in Shivre City.

  • Alolan Meowth (evolves into Alolan Persian in the final minute)
  • Electrode
  • Snom (evolves into Frosmoth in the final minute)

Pokemon Unite: Shivre City Boss Pokemon

Each map has Boss Pokemon, targets that grant you and your allies a boost when your team executes the final blow. Defeating Boss Pokemon and securing these boosts are crucial when seeking an advantage over your opponents.

Boss PokemonBonus Given For DefeatSpawn TimeLocation
AvaluggProvides your team and Goal Zones with Ice Shields that protect the target while also damaging nearby enemies. Also provides up to 65 points to your team.4:00 (Respawns after a minute)Center of the arena

A 30-second countdown can be seen on your map at the location where Avalugg spawns, before it appears. Take note of this throughout the match to ensure that you are grouping up with your team in a timely manner.

Pokemon Unite: Shivre City Strategy

Due to this map's unique mechanics, the following strategies are recommended when playing Quick Matches in Shivre City.

  1. It's recommended that teams split up and send two players to the top and bottom paths at the start of the match.
  2. Aim to farm up Wild Pokemon as a team, so that you can gain levels quickly. Also, try to deny your opponent their Wild Pokemon if you can.
  3. Once you have acquired the maximum amount of Aeos Energy that your Pokemon can hold, take a look at your meter. If it is filled up, head to the enemy Goal Zone safely, and instantly score your points. If it's not full, spend time fighting opponents before attempting to score, speeding up the meter's progress until it is maxed out.
  4. Try to group up with allies whenever Avalugg appears during a match. Follow these steps when possible to successfully secure this Boss Pokemon.
    1. Move as a group towards the central area.
    2. Don't attack Avalugg first, but instead focus on making sure your opponents aren't around. Attempting to take on Avalugg when the full enemy team is active rarely ends well.
    3. Secure Avalugg only when uncontested, so it can't be stolen.
  5. Immediately move to your opponent's Goal Zone when Avalugg is defeated. The Ice Shield provided by this Boss Pokemon not only protects you as you are attempting to score, but also protects your team's Goal Zone. This allows your team to score maximum points, while safe in the knowledge that your Goal Zone remains unassailable.
  6. Do your best to follow these steps and repeat this process throughout the match, giving you and your allies the greatest chances of winning in Shivre City.

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