Popular PSVR Game Firewall: Zero Hour Teases "Big Announcement"

Earlier this month, the folks behind Zero Hour teased a countdown to August 28th when they had a “big announcement” planned. With the PSVR 2 headset on the horizon, many believed a sequel for the popular FPS would be announced for the new headset. However, as the August 28 came and went, no announcement was made, leaving many fans scratching their heads.

First Contact Entertainment quickly took to Twitter to explain what went down concerning that announcement. In a series of tweets, the team explained that August 28 marks the fourth anniversary of Firewall: Zero Hour. To celebrate this milestone, some exciting news was going to be shared. However, as they write, “due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to [share the news] at this time”.

Fortunately, the team expects just a short delay before letting fans know what is going on and what the future has in store for the VR title. Along with the update, First Contact shared a short video commemorating their anniversary with some behind-the-scenes hijinks.

So, what could have prevented this announcement? With Zero Hour having recently embarked on its tenth and final season and a new Sony VR headset on the way, it is not hard to make some leaps of thought. It sure looks like Firewall might be involved with that new headset in some way or another. Not to mention that a PlayStation Showcase is rumored for the beginning of September which would explain why First Contact held off on their end of August announcement. With nothing confirmed, we will just have to wait and see.

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