Population: One Graphics Comparison – Quest vs PC VR

Which version of VR’s newest battle royale shooter reigns on high? Find out in our Population: One graphics comparison!

Earlier this year, we saw an ambitious port of one of PC VR’s most beloved shooters, Onward, to Quest. Having been developed long before the standalone headset was a part of the picture, developer Downpour Interactive really had to squeeze everything down to get the game to fit on the device. Patches since then have helped move things along, but even the PC VR version had to be downscaled to accommodate cross-play support too.

Population: One Graphics Comparison

It’s interesting, then, to stack up Onward’s visual gap to that of Population: One, the new kid on the FPS block. Unlike Onward, developer BigBox had the benefit of developing the Quest version of the battle royale game in tandem with the PC VR version, heading towards a launch on both platforms day and date last week. The mid-2019 announcement of the Quest edition may have been the cause of a long silence for the game but, ultimately, it looks like it paid off for BigBox. Check out our full comparison in the video above.

Population: One on Quest sticks pretty close to the PC VR version in important ways. Granted the PC VR version isn’t visually spectacular to start with (again, which may be owed to the pair being developed at the same time), but it’s impressive to see Quest retaining the same draw distance in the game. That’s a pretty big feat for a large multiplayer map, but an essential target to hit when you’re talking about sniper rifles and scouting spots.

Elsewhere, the Quest edition is given a more cartoony edge thanks to the lower level of detail and simplified lighting; textures don’t stand up to the scrutiny of the PC, but the geometry for both maps is 1:1 which, again, is important for cross-play. Overall, the Quest version of the game more than covers it bases to make the wireless experience the best way to play, in our opinion.

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