Portal Fan Creates Incredible Chell Fortnite Skin

Fortnite is no stranger to a good cross-over, but the popular battle royale is yet to see a collaboration with one of the most popular franchises in recent memory – Portal. Seeing as Valve and Epic Games are rivals in the PC market, a cross-over doesn’t seem very likely. However, that hasn’t stopped the Fortnite community from piecing together incredible fanart based on the unlikely partnership – one of which is a beautiful skin featuring the protagonist from Portal 1 and 2.

Created by SF_Commander, the skin came into popularity when it was first posted on Reddit. Featuring the iconic Chell, SF_Commander managed to reimagine her likeness in classic Fortnite style. You can check out the unofficial skin below:

As impressive as it is, it’s a bit disheartening to know there’s little chance you’ll be able to use the skin in Fortnite. Unless Epic Games and Valve become friends – and Epic decides to monetize fan-made projects – you’ll have to settle for one of the hundreds of other skins floating around its storefront.

“I’m currently learning Blender, and doing fanart of franchises I love is a great exercise,” the creator told TheGamer. “When I first started making the skin, it was almost Portal 2’s 10th anniversary. And to pay homage to it I decided to do a crossover between Portal and my current favorite game which is Fortnite.”

They kept the creation simple by modifying the default HeadHunter skin, although the hardest part was ensuring there wasn’t clipping happening across the entire outfit. The end result, however, is pretty damn impressive.

Fortnite is available for free on nearly all platforms except iOS – due to the ongoing legal battle between Epic and Apple.

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