Postal Devs Are Actually Happy That Postal 3 Has Been Taken Off Steam

You can no longer play Postal 3 on Steam or anywhere else. The reason being is that the server which authenticates every Postal 3 login, whether that player wants to play online or not, has gone down. Without that server, nobody can play Postal 3, which has led to the game being delisted on Steam. And Postal dev Running With Scissors is loving it.

"With Postal 3's DRM issues and overall shittiness of the game itself, the game is officially no longer being sold on Steam," wrote Running With Scissors on Twitter. "We didn't have control over the page, so we couldn't make it free before the DRM issues began. At least people will no longer buy that trash!"

For those wondering why a developer would bad-mouth its own game, that's because Running With Scissors didn't technically make Postal 3. It outsourced development to Russian publisher Akella, who then brought on Trashmasters to actually do the labor. And Trashmasters lived up to its name by turning Postal 3 into utter trash, from its poor writing to near-constant crashes. It was so bad that Postal 3 has just a 24 percent rating on Metacritic and one of the worst ratings of any Steam game, ever.

After the release of Postal 3, Running With Scissors removed the game from its web store and encouraged fans to purchase their earlier games instead. And to ensure that the third game truly never existed, they retconned Postal 3's story in Postal 2: Paradise Lost (an expansion to Postal 2 released in 2015) to be the result of an 11-year coma caused by Postal Dude driving his car into a stop sign. Postal 4, which was released in April of this year, calls itself the true sequel to Postal 2, and says "no third game is known to exist."

With no legal means of playing Postal 3, Running With Scissors has advised fans to pirate the game if they truly want to experience it. But if the developer is telling you not to play their game, that’s a pretty sure sign that you should listen.

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