Pronoun Update Splits The Sims Reddit In Half

Earlier this week, Electronic Arts introduced the long-awaited customizable pronoun feature to The Sims 4. Now, players can choose or create their pronouns within the Create-a-Sim feature. Currently, this feature is only available in English, but the developer is hoping to expand in the future. Of course, as with any change to a game that doesn’t affect gameplay, this pronoun feature has caused quite a stir within The Sims community.

The pronoun options incorporated into The Sims 4 comes as part of a collaboration between the developer and LGBTQ+ nonprofits It Gets Better and GLAAD. The feature is just the next step in ensuring the game offers a more inclusive experience for players.

Unfortunately, this update is creating a bit of a divide amongst Sims players. Several Reddit threads have popped up that discuss the feature with people either praising the update or complaining about it. One thread, which praises the addition of the progressive feature, soon divulged into a debate over whether the feature is necessary. As some users are elated to finally be properly represented in the game, others are calling it a useless cash grab by the developer.

Another thread was created by a non-binary player who is fed up with the jokes being made about the update. The comments for the post then turned into your all too common “it’s just a joke vs. it’s actually not funny and offensive” argument. All the discord led to the thread being locked by the moderators for “name-calling and mud-slinging”. Similarly, another thread bemoans that anyone who criticizes the update is labeled as transphobic. Elsewhere, people are just upset that the pronoun feature was added before the ability to drive a car.

There are clearly some big opinions on such a tiny addition to the game. However, if you are truly upset by choosing pronouns in a game where you can raise the dead or visit alien worlds then you can always choose not to use it.

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