PS Plus Premium Classic Trophy Support Is Up To Individual Developers

PlayStation's new PS Plus rollout has officially begun in Asia. That means more details about what exactly it will include and how it works will be coming at us thick and fast throughout the week. We've already learned more of the classic games included with the Premium tier, and also been given a better look at the visual enhancements you can apply. Now we know for sure that some of those classic games will have trophy support, but not all of them.

As has often been the case during the build to the PS Plus revamp, what started as an assumption has now been confirmed via the PlayStation blog. In its updated FAQ about the new subscription service, Sony confirms games like Ape Escape and Syphon Filter will indeed have trophy support. However, it also confirms not all PS1 and PSP titles available through Premium will have trophies to unlock.

“Some original PlayStation and PSP titles may offer trophies such as Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, IQ Intelligent Qube, and Syphon Filter. This feature is optional for developers,” the FAQ page reads. So if you happen upon a classic title that has the added bonus of trophies to unlock, and even a platinum to earn, you have the developers to thank for that. They will have decided to put the extra work in to celebrate their games getting a new lease on life through PS Plus.

Well, actually, for some games you won't even need PS Plus in order to play them. Select titles will be added to the PlayStation Store and can be bought individually. In fact, some of those titles have already started popping up in the PS Store in certain Asian countries. Abe's Odysee is already on there, as is the PSP's Ridge Racer 2. Prices for the games vary, but so far none of them cost more than $10 and others are less than $5.

As for the classic games that don't have trophy support, perhaps if Premium proves to be the success Sony hopes it will be, developers will rethink their decision and add them in the future. Other good news for trophy hunters is any you earn while playing PS Plus Premium's two-hour trials will be transferred to the full game if you choose to buy it. They will also remain attached to your PSN profile even if you don't opt to buy the full game.

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