PS Plus UPDATE – Great news for PS4 fans ahead of PlayStation Plus May 2019 reveal

PS Plus May 2019 announcement is drawing near, and ahead of the PlayStation Plus reveal PS4 gamers have been given a welcome boost by Sony.

In March of this year PS Plus underwent a big change, with PlayStation Plus seeing PS Vita and PS3 titles dropped from the monthly free games.

Fans had been left wondering whether there would be more free PS4 games in lieu of these missing PS3 and PS Vita games.

But instead so far PS Plus has just featured two free PS4 games each month – the same number as before.

However, PlayStation Plus fans have been teased about a welcome change coming to PS Plus.

The Hungarian Facebook page for PlayStation has teased that PlayStation Plus is about to get “even better”.

It’s led to plenty of speculation online about what this could mean.

Posting on the PS Plus Reddit page, one Redditor said: “Something with PS Now?”

Another wrote: “VR games?”

And one added: “Watch it be like 200GB of online storage.”

However, it could just be that PS4 fans in Hungary are about to get the PS Plus rewards scheme which is available right now in the UK.

The bonus feature, which you may not be aware of, gives PS Plus members exclusives discounts and offers for a limited time.

The offers in the UK at the time of writing are as follows…

• Get a NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass for free – Eight months left to claim

• Get 50 per cent off a NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass – 14 days left to claim

• 10 per cent off Pure Gym membership and no joining fee – Two months left to claim

• Get a 20 per cent discount when shopping at – One month left to claim

The PS Plus May 2019 line-up looks like it will be revealed later than usual.

Sony don’t tend to reveal when new PlayStation Plus line-ups are coming but it typically is revealed on the last Wednesday of the preceding month.

Then the new PS Plus line-up goes live the following Tuesday.

However this time round the last Wednesday in April is April 24, with the following Tuesday April 30.

It would be highly surprising for the PS Plus May 2019 line-up to go live in May.

So it seems more likely that the PS Plus May 2019 line-up could be announced on Wednesday May 1 with free PS4 games becoming available on Tuesday May 7.

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