PS4 Gets Free Black Lives Matter Theme

In a show of solidarity with the continued fight for racial justice in America, Sony has released a Black Lives Matter theme for PS4. The theme is available right now, and is free to all PlayStation users.

The theme itself is beautiful in its minimalism, with a bold black-and-yellow palette that pops right off the screen. The main menu is emblazoned with the Black Power fist, which rises out from three distinct yellow lines. Those lines, on the far left of the screen, each have one word per line – spelling out “Black Lives Matter.” When scrolled up, the background fades to grey, where the BLM hashtag takes front and center.

While corporations are never your friend, and will always act in their best interests before yours, shows of solidarity like this are a plus. The systemic subjugation of black lives in this country is a disgrace, and it’s high time that meaningful social change rises up to address that. If corporations are going to continue to rule our daily lives, then it’s probably smart to not alienate millions of potential customers by remaining silent.

And for the customers who think this is the alienating move? Read a book and educate yourselves.

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