PS4 is the second best-selling home console of all time

Sony’s current gen console has passed the lifetime totals of the Wii and PS1 and is now second only to the PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 4 has now shipped 102.8 million consoles worldwide, which might not sound a particularly auspicious number but it just noses it ahead of the Wii and the original PlayStation.

The Wii was the best-selling console of its generation with a total of 101.63 million, while the original PlayStation dominated its generation with a total of 102.49 million sales.

That means that the only home console the PlayStation 4 hasn’t outsold is the PlayStation 2, which managed a staggering 155.0 million.

Best-selling video game console sales worldwide

1. PlayStation 2 – 155.0 million
2. Nintendo DS – 154.02 million
3. Game Boy – 118.69 million
4. PlayStation 4 – 102.8 million
5. PlayStation – 102.49 million
6. Wii – 101.63 million
7. PlayStation 3 – 87.4 million
8. Xbox 360 – 84 million
9. Game Boy Advance – 81.51 million
10. PlayStation Portable – approx. 80 million

As you can see from the chart above though, when you factor in portable consoles the PlayStation 4 is actually only the fourth best-selling console of all-time. Although of course it does have a year left as Sony’s primary console, so that won’t be its final total.

Microsoft has refused to release sales numbers for the Xbox One but they’re thought to stand at around 45 million. Despite launching over three years later, the Nintendo Switch is expected to pass the Xbox One this year, as the Switch was on 36.87 million as of June.

Given the release of the PlayStation 5 next Christmas it’s unlikely that the PlayStation 4 will nab the top spot, but there’s a good chance it could pass the Game Boy and take third place. Especially as the PlayStation 4 has already been named the fastest-selling console of all-time.

It’s already a huge achievement for Sony though who, in part thanks to early failures by Microsoft and Nintendo, have made victory look easy this generation.

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