PS4 News: Leaked PlayStation update, VR news and new Xbox partnership

PS4 gamers are getting some brand new features with the release of the next Sony PlayStation update.

That’s according to a new leak this week that claims some exciting changes are being planned for the next major PS4 System overhaul.

Like with the PSN name change, Sony is trying to make their PlayStation Network a more enticing package.

This is done by offering key features, like backwards compatibility, which is coming with the release of the PS5.

And according to a new leak, PS4 gamers could soon have the option to gift games to their friends.

According to Twitter user (Tidux) – who has a good track record of accurate PlayStation leaks – this will be part of an upcoming PlayStation update.

Trophy progression is also rumoured to be coming to the PS4, as well as the ability to pin games on the dashboard.

One thing we have mixed feelings about is the rumour that Sony will introduce a time log and stats for all games. Another prominent feature reportedly being worked on for the PS4 is a time log stat that will track all games.

All of the listed features would prove very popular with fans, but it should be noted that Sony has not confirmed these plans yet.

So all of this week’s PS4 leaked update rumours will need to be taken with a big pinch of salt until an official announcement is shared.

And even if these new features do materialise, you imagine that they will come with some limitations.

Like with the PSN name change process, it’s possible that a new game gifting system will come with strict rules to avoid it being exploited.

Sony has gone on record to say how important their current service packages are to their overall business outlook, so providing new ways for fans to spend money will no doubt prove fruitful.

“Our Game & Network Services business has grown into the Sony Group’s largest business in terms of both sales and operating income,” Kenichiro Yoshida, president and chief executive officer of Sony said in a recent statement.

“Furthermore, our business in this domain holds significant importance as our growth driver going forward. At the same time, this industry is relentlessly fast-moving, and to remain the market leader, we must constantly evolve ourselves with a sense of urgency.”

It follows the shock announcement of a new partnership between Microsoft and PlayStation in connection to Cloud Gaming. Details remain vague on the new deal between the companies; however, it will be connected to new cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences.

“Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the parties, the two companies will explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services,” Microsoft said in a new press release.

“In addition, the two companies will explore the use of current Microsoft Azure datacenter-based solutions for Sony’s game and content-streaming services.”

Google Stadia, the new streaming service from the tech giant, looks to have played a role in the formation of the new partnership.

Fans will have to wait for more information on the scope of the new partnership between the two console rivals and how it may shape services on the PS5 and Xbox Two in the future. Sony also looks to be improving their PlayStation VR experience with new hardware improvements.

Hints have been dropped by the company that they are planning to release a new headset, although the current model will work with their new PS4 console.

And a new Sony VR patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) could hold a few clues at what might be improving.

The patent in question is connected to enabling players wearing a PlayStation VR to remain more aware of their immediate surroundings. This is in connection with the head-mounted display (HMD) being able to detect voices around players.

This would involve a notification being sent, telling them that they’re being spoken to. Further options would include being able to pause their current game and check out the room using an external-facing camera.

There’s no guarantee that this patent will ever be used but it is a feature that would prove popular with VR fans.

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