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Jade King, writing on Trusted Reviews for one praised the games exceptional narative following a hands on with the game, writing:

“From a pure mechanical perpective, Oninaki is arguably the strongest card yet to be dealt by Tokyo RPG Factory. It remains loyal to the traditional JRPG structure that its previous titles have abided by, while taking brave strides towards meaningful evolution.

“This is far more than a love letter to the likes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, boasting mechanical advancements and a narrative ambition that made me a bit of an emotional mess throughout the brief demo.

“I do have concerns about the combat becoming repetitive over time, and a few select elements need refining, but if the narrative remains as strong as it is right now, RPG fans are in for an absolute treat.”

Oninaki will release digitally on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 22nd, but don’t forget that you can 

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