PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch getting amazing looking new free game soon

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers will soon be able to grab a new free download that boasts gorgeous visuals, and has an interesting take on the Battle Royale genre. In a few days time Spellbreak, a cel-shaded online multiplayer game where you battle it out against magic-wielding mages, will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs. Spellbreak has been in development for some time at US studio Proletariat, with a number of beta periods taking place in the run-up to its release.

But now the big day for the game’s full release is almost here, with the Spellbreak release date taking place on Thursday September 3.

And developers Proletariat has ensured that Spellbreak fans who want to play across multiple devices will be able to do so.

Spellbreak will support cross-progression on all platforms at launch, as well as cross-play and cross-party.

Ahead of the game’s upcoming release date the official Spellbreak Twitter posted: “#Spellbreak launches September 3, 2020 on PS4, PC, Xbox, and Switch!

“Free-to-play, cross-play, cross-party, and cross-progression on all platforms at launch.


Alongside this tweet was a trailer for Spellbreak, which showcases its Breath of the Wild-style cel-shaded graphics which perfectly compliments the magical powers players will have at their disposal.

The trailer also gave fans a glimpse of the game’s “bombastic magic combat” which Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak talked about earlier this year in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Sivak said: “At the start of every match, you can choose your class. Each class in Spellbreak has a unique playstyle and set of skills that can be learned as you level in a given game. Every skill offers you a significant upgrade to the playstyle and serves to further differentiate the classes as the match progresses. While you’ll start each match as a powerful spellcaster, by the end you will be a destructive force.”

Sivak went on to talk about the six different classes available in Spellbreak – the Pyromancer, Stoneshaper, Toxicologist, Conduit, Tempest and Frostborn.

Each class will have its own speciality, such as fire magic or lightning casts, which will impact combat in different ways.

Sivak also said: “On top of choosing a class, you can further customise your build with different spells, sorceries, runes, talents and more that will ensure each match has a different flavor where you can adapt to both your surroundings and opponents”.

In case you’re looking for an overview, then here are some more details on Spellbreak, heading to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs on September 3…


Build Your Battlemage: Choose a class: Frostborn, Conduit, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, or Tempest. Each has its own playstyle, which you can customise with talents as you grow in power. Which will you master?

Combine the Elements: A mighty battlemage isn’t limited to just one ability. Seize hold of two powerful magic gauntlets and blend devastating spell combinations to control the battlefield with fiery tornadoes, electrified gas clouds, and more!

Outplay Your Rivals: Explore the map and find tactical advantages to outplay your opponents. Discover hidden chests that contain magical runes and game-changing equipment. These items give you the ability to fly, teleport, control time, become invisible, and more.

Enter an Ever-Evolving World: The fractured battleground of the Hollow Lands is just the beginning of your adventure in the greater world of Primdal. New chapter updates will reveal more of the deep, rich lore behind this powerful place and its people.

Battle Across the Hollow Lands: Form a party of powerful battlemages and vanquish other players to stand victorious in this unique battle royale! Future updates will unlock exciting new game modes.

Cross-Play and Cross-Progression: Play against other battlemages across PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and take your character, progress, customisations, and more to any of those platforms at any time.

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