PS5 DualSense Controllers Are Apparently Already Available

The PS5 won’t be hitting stores until November 12, but it seems that Sony is trying to get ahead of the curve because the DualSense controllers for the PS5 are already available apparently.

The proprietary controllers are described as “magical” when their haptic feedback is combined with the PS5’s 3D sound replication. The idea behind the controllers is that they will allow you to “feel” the virtual environment around you. The triggers, specifically, will change their pressure sensitivity depending on what you’re doing in the game. Firing a gun in Call of Duty? That’ll feel different than picking up a Skulk Sensor block in Minecraft—at least in theory.

Apparently, these new controllers are already in stock at various stores around the world. We can confirm this, because a Twitter user and a Redditor both shared pictures of the controllers. One of them appears to have been stolen, though, as it was listed on Facebook’s Marketplace for $100. You can pre-order the DualSense controllers from PlayStation for $69.99.

According to the PlayStation website, you’ll be seeing the controllers in stores on October 30, though you won’t have any way to use them because they are only compatible with the PS5. That being said, it will give you more opportunities to get extra controllers for the PS5 console that you ordered.

Why Sony decided to do things this way isn’t immediately clear. Split-screen and local co-op games have been fairly rare for years, so extra controllers aren’t really that in demand. Whatever the reasoning is for releasing the controllers nearly a full two weeks ahead of the console release, they’re here and you can touch them.

When you do get ahold of some games for those controllers, you’ll find that even PS4 games will feel different. You’ll be able to feel player fatigue in NBA 2K21, for example, literally making it feel like your player is running through molasses, instead of just seeing it on screen. The PS5 will hit store shelves (if there are any left) on November 12.

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