PS5 price and release date expected in new Sony showcase on Wednesday

Sony has announced a 40-minute-long PlayStation 5 showcase for this week, that’ll show off first and third party games for launch and beyond.

Microsoft’s announcement of the prices for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have turned it from a near laughing stock to Sony’s most serious competition in a decade, but it looks like Wednesday is the day that PlayStation will attempt to strike back.

Officially Sony has said almost nothing about the showcase, other than it will last around 40 minutes and feature both first and third party titles for launch and ‘beyond’.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase will take place on Wednesday, 16 September at 9pm BST and apart from it being streamed on YouTube and Twitch that’s all we know officially at the moment.

It’s best not to take anything for granted though, so the only thing we know for sure is that we’ll see more games – probably including new, currently unannounced titles.

What Sony has also not discussed yet is services, with no indication of if they’re going to beef up PlayStation Now or create some other alternative to Game Pass. They’ve also never gone into detail about their backwards compatibility plans.

Considering how well Microsoft is currently doing on both these points Sony needs a strong response but, again, there’s no guarantee they’ll talk about it this week.

Sony also hasn’t described exactly what the PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition console is yet. It was originally assumed it’s just the standard model without a disc drive, with few if any other differences. But in light of how well the Xbox Series S has been received Sony may be reconsidering how they promote it.

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