PS5 Price and release date latest: Good news for PS4 and Xbox One gamers

The PS5 price could be the last major reveal PlayStation makes regarding their next-gen console.

We just found out that Project Scarlett, the next Xbox console, will be launching Holiday 2020.

What didn’t get revealed by Microsoft is the price of their next console, which remains unconfirmed at this point.

There’s a good reason why both Sony and Microsoft may want to avoid revealing their price plans too early.

Not only could it put gamers off but it may also have to change in the future.

Government Tariffs in the United States could be raised on items like consoles, which could impact the Xbox One and PS4.

So until we learn the official news from Sony and Microsoft, we have to rely on industry experts and analysts to share their own thoughts.

The good news is that both Project Scarlett and the PS5 are aiming for similar spec-points, with short load times and 8K compatibility in the works.

This should mean that both consoles will be priced the same, however, this could range from $400 to $500 at this point.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter provided an update on what he thinks the price points could be, following the latest reveals at E3 2019.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Pachter revealed that the thought the specs being talked about by both companies suggests a higher price point than the PS4 at launch.

However, due to how the market works, Pachter doesn’t believe that either console will cost that much, based on the current information we have.

“The specs suggest $500 or so,” Pachter told GamingBolt. “but my bias is that Microsoft will announce $399 and Sony will follow suit.”

The idea that the PS5 and Project Scarlett will cost the same makes sense, although it will be interesting to hear if more consoles will be announced.

Is there a chance that cheaper versions of these same consoles will be revealed at some point before 2020?

It was rumoured that Microsoft was working on two consoles, one more powerful than the other.

However, nothing was announced during E3 2019 suggesting that these would be the plans for Xbox moving forward.

Sony, meanwhile, has only talked about what the PS5 can achieve in terms of gaming power.

The tech giant has revealed that they hope to launch the PlayStation 5 at a price point that will appeal to fans.

And we doubt very much that this idea includes $500 out of the box on day one.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke more about Project Scarlett after it was revealed during E3 2019.

He even had a few words to share about the price of Project Scarlett, revealing during the interview on Mixer:

“The price will be important, clearly price is one of these things people want to know, and as we’re kind of watching the cost of the components that are coming in.

“Things like tear ups and other things, trying to figure out what that price is going to be next year… We have a design price in mind, and I think we’re going to hit that, but we want to make sure that everything comes in right, so that’s the price that we hit.

“So, we’ll get the price out as soon as we can, so that people can make those decisions.”

And if Microsoft manages to announce the price of the next Xbox console during late 2019, it would make sense for Sony to follow suit with the PS5.

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