PS5 Pro to launch at same time as regular model claims rumour

The latest rumours suggest that Sony may be planning to release two models of the PlayStation 5 next year, instead of just one.

Although Sony has confirmed they’re working on a next generation console they’ve said very little about it so far, and haven’t even announced whether it’ll be called the PlayStation 5 or not.

There’s also no confirmation it’ll be out next year, even though that’s what everyone now expects. But what’s also been assumed is that the inevitable, more powerful, PlayStation 5 Pro model will come out a few years later – but that may not necessarily be the case.

A new rumour is circulating that the PlayStation 5 Pro will launch at the same time as the standard model. The rumour was started by Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa on YouTube, who has proven accurate in the past with his predictions about the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Switch Lite.

According to Nishikawa, the PlayStation 5 Pro will be around $100-150 (£80-120) more expensive than the base model, although there’s no indication of exactly how much more powerful it’ll be.

No precise specs have been revealed about either model of new console, but what we do know is that it’ll support 8K TVs, have an eight-core AMD chipset, a graphics processor (GPU) based on Radeon Navi which supports ray-tracing, a solid state drive (SSD), and backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4.

It was rumoured that Microsoft was also going to have both a high-end and a lower-budget version of their next gen console available at launch, but they’ve since said that only one model will be released at first.

Although with both companies the decisions are probably constantly changing, so even if these rumours are accurate at the moment things could well change by next year.

Sony’s next State of Play is due to take place tomorrow, 24 September, but they’ve already said that it won’t include anything about next generation consoles.

It has been confirmed that it will feature The Last Of Us Part II though and perhaps even a new Batman game, if you want to be optimistic about the latest rumours.

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