PS5 v Xbox Series X: Next-Gen Graphics teased by veteran gaming animator

We're supposedly just weeks away from the big reveal of Sony's PlayStation 5.

The upcoming games console is slated for a release in Holiday 2020, but to date Sony has so far only given vague information about the upcoming hardware release – and only announced one game ( Godfall) for the new console, too.

On the other side of the console fence, Microsoft has been pretty quiet about its incoming Xbox Series X, too – we know a rough launch window and a few games, but everything else is being kept firmly under wraps.

Though there are many commentators, including veteran Sony developers, that are suggesting the console will see a full reveal at a special event in February 2020, Sony has yet to acknowledge the hardware's release date, price, launch line-up and even says there are more key hardware features to be revealed.

So, as we wait for Sony to spill the beans, we're seeing other people give us dribs and drabs of news about the incoming hardware.

To that end, earlier this week we saw animator Jonathan Cooper showcase some of the graphical leaps we can expect to be emblematic of the next hardware generation.

Cooper's experience in the industry is broad: he lists Uncharted, The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and more in his bio – so it's safe to say he knows what he's on about.

The only footage we've seen of next-gen games in action so far come from trailers for PlayStation 5 game Godfall (below).

But Cooper wants to highlight something else: hair.

Hair has always been an important part of developers showing off what shiny new hardware can do – whether that's in gaming, films or television.

Pixar didn't animate Monsters Inc.'s Sully with a fully body of hair for fun – it was showing off what its proprietary Renderman engine was capable of.

In the gif below, you can see what Cooper thinks we can expect as a standard from next-gen games – and it really is pretty impressive.

But where are we likely to see these graphics debut?

Cooper seems to think – as ever – it'll be in fighting games.

"Article here. Looking forward to seeing this in fighting games. They're usually the first to push characters for next-gen as they only have 2 onscreen – just imagine Ken's beautiful cascading locks in SFVI"

Bring on Tekken 8!

We'll update you on more PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X news as it becomes available.

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