PSVR 2 Will Reportedly Have "Over 20 Launch Games"

18 months have now passed since the launch of the PS5, and many of you will know all too well that the console is still incredibly hard to find. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reiterated that getting its latest console into the hands of as many people as possible remains its top priority. However, right up there on that list of priorities will be the eventual launch of the PlayStation VR 2.

PlayStation's second VR headset was confirmed to be in the offing last year, and the first look at its innovative new controllers was offered up shortly after. Earlier this year, the PSVR 2 headset was revealed, and despite no firm launch date for the system just yet, we now know at least 20 games will be ready to go when it does eventually arrive.

That's according to Ryan, as reported by VGC. The Sony head revealed the plan is to have more than 20 games available for the PSVR 2 at launch, including first and third-party titles. “There is a considerable amount of money being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to secure a considerable pipeline of attractive VR content at the launch of PlayStation VR2,” Ryan revealed.

Ryan added that the energy, effort, and money invested in the new headset will continue to grow for as long as its install base does. That suggests even though there will be a pretty impressive library to choose from and play through to begin with, what comes after that will ultimately depend on how many people pick up PlayStation's second VR headset. No more of the PSVR 2's launch games were announced. The only one revealed so far is Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Ryan's briefing was packed with all sorts of info regarding PlayStation's present and future. A projection of the platforms the studio's games will launch on revealed half of its new releases will be on PC and mobile by 2025, at which point there will be no more new games launching on PS4. Ryan also revealed two of the 12 live service games PlayStation is working on right will be here before April 2023.

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