PUBG Mobile Getting Hit With Global DDoS Attacks, Disconnects

PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has been hit with “several waves” of DDoS attacks, the game’s developers state. The team released a statement early this morning, informing fans of the attacks, which are causing players to disconnect from the game’s servers. The team is “immediately [taking] action” to resolve the issue.

PUBG Mobile has fought against hackers since its 2017 release, recently banning over two million accounts for cheating. While hackers continue to plague the game, the mobile title has now been hit with multiple DDoS attacks, which aim to make a service unavailable for its intended users. Players have reported being disconnected from game servers while these attacks have been going on.

“We are currently encountering several waves of DDoS attacks against our systems that are causing players to disconnect,” the PUBG Mobile team writes on their Facebook page. “Our team immediately takes action and starts working closely with local service providers to resolve the issue. We aim to bring back normal gaming experience to our players as soon as possible.”

The issue still appears to be unresolved, 12 hours after the initial Facebook post. While the team works to find a solution, they also take the opportunity to inform players of an anti-cheat update that is slated to be released to the public soon.

“On this announcement, we also would like to inform you that a new anti-cheat patch will be released soon,” the team writes. “In the meantime, we have deployed more security team members to put a serious stop to cheaters. Like our players, we have always had a zero-tolerance policy against cheating and hacking.”

A new anti-cheat patch should help the developers crack down on cheaters harder than ever before, though the results will only be known after its release. PUBG Mobile has doled out harsh punishments for hackers in the past, at one point dealing 10-year bans to those caught hacking.

Despite hackers seemingly running rampant, PUBG Mobile has still maintained a top spot on mobile game charts. The free-to-play battle royale currently stands as the fifth most downloaded mobile game of all time with 627 million downloads worldwide as of September 2020. 

There is currently no confirmed release date for PUBG Mobile’s new anti-cheat patch. Players may still experience disconnects until the DDoS issue is resolved.

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